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Write 4 pages thesis on the topic world literature


Write 4 pages thesis on the topic world literature. books of iliad (troy). The Iliad story focuses on the importance of incorporating humanism values in everyone’s dealings with other persons. Humanism focuses on a person’s values as well as concerns. The three books of Homer’s Iliad is a convincing reference for prioritizing the importance of emphasizing humanism’s morality of feminism, leadership, and loyalty. Morality of Leadership In terms of humanism in leadership, Iliad’s Homer shows the importance of incorporating morality to instill value in the soldiers’ lives. The leaders, especially Home, must fill the soldiers’ needs to search for meaning during their daily war duties. Consequently, Homer offers the soldiers more freedom to pursue their self determination. Thus, moral leaders, especially Iliad’s Homer, must establish meaning in the soldiers’ lives by establishing shared values. Homer states that killing the enemy is morally right. “Nestor in a great voice cried out to the men of Argos ‘O beloved Danaan fighters…let us kill the men now… (Homer 31) Based on Book 1, Book 6, and Book 7 of Homer’s epic poem, Iliad, it is very evident that the Iliad (meaning Troy) is a source of moral instruction for the Greek youth. First, the three books teach the morality of leadership. Book 1 line 53 shows leadership as follows: “Now when they were all assembled in one place together, Achilleus of the swift feet stood up among them and spoke forth: ‘Son of Atreus, I believe now that straggling backwards we must make our way home if we can even escape death…” (Homer 15). The above quote clearly shows that Achilleus was a very strong leader. He could easily rally the people to do his bidding. His bidding is to recover Helen, the Greek King’s wife from the embracing arms of Troy’s Apollo. His leadership is grounded on his excellent ability to fight in the battle field. His followers are so enthralled by Achilleus’ effortless overpowering of the Troy soldiers in all facets of the besieging of Troy’s impenetrable walls. Achilleus’ leadership is very encompassing. The people eagerly obey his every command without reservation due to Achilleus leadership prowess. Achilleus analyzes the situation in battle, ponders his very next command, and implements his very thought to win the battle in whatever manner possible. His command to go home in the thick of an unfavorable battle outcome is his best strategy to win the war. In addition Book 7 emphasizes Hector’s strong leadership in the field of battle. Hector bravely persuades the Greek army to choose one of its bravest soldiers to fight him on a one on one battle. Hector states “Tis Hector speaks, and calls the gods to hear: From all your troops select the boldest knight, Her I fall, by chance of battle slain, Be his my spoil, and his these arms remain. But let my body, to my friends returned, By Trojan hands and Trojan flames be burned” (Homer 212). Morality of Loyalty In terms of Humanism in loyalty, Iliad’s Homer emphasizes the necessary importance of to include the morality of loyalty during the trial period in a person’s daily life. Iliad’s Homer expresses the moral humanistic responsibility of the soldiers to loyally serve and die for the King and the nation. The soldiers are loyally willing to give up their lives to safeguard the royal family, including Helen of Troy, and the citizens from harm. Homer’s Iliad emphasized “ So grim the grim encounter of Achaians and Trojans was left to itself, and the battle veered greatly now one way, now in another.

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