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Homework answers / question archive / Write a 500 words paper on the topic Summary: Big Bang Theory Season 5 Episode 2

Write a 500 words paper on the topic Summary: Big Bang Theory Season 5 Episode 2


Write a 500 words paper on the topic Summary: Big Bang Theory Season 5 Episode 2. Insert Summary: Big Bang Theory Season 5 Episode 2 The epilogue starts with a conversation between Sheldon and Leonard, and it is about Leonard’s relationship with Priya. Since Priya moved to Mumbai, Sheldon thinks that the relationship is international and long distance, which seems to him not normal and goes on to advice Leonard to abandon it. Sheldon suggests that a hobby will be healthy, and a good start for Leonard or take up video chat in that case.

The episode has a theme centered on a chair in Penny’s room that Sheldon firmly believes unhygienic. The minor theme throughout the episode in focused on the relationship between Leonard and Priya. Howard suggests Internet dating as a means of securing that relationship. In Penny’s room, Sheldon and Penny pretend to be busy reading when a conversation erupts about their awkward silence. They make assumptions about how they are old couples and freewheeling idea of events they would be doing start flowing. Sheldon sits on Penny’s new chair all this time until she tells him about the store.

After the introductory song, Howard, Leonard and Raj are in the preparation room having loose talks about relationships. It is at that point that Howard introduces his idea about cyber Nazi and internet video chat as a means to link Leonard and Priya. The talk is dirty, and Raj is not happy about it because Priya is her sister. Sheldon enters the room and looks rife with gossip and sure proceeds to deliver it. He mentions and complains about the chair in Penny’s room and all the bugs in it.

It proceeds onto Penny’s room where Sheldon reappears after advice from Leonard, who he probably listens to his advices, and changes his perception about the chair even commenting that it is comfortable enough. He leaves and comes back almost immediately with a knock on the door and tells penny to get rid of the sofa. He goes away and comes back again a third, fourth and fifth time with the same message.

Leonard has bought Howards advice about video chat and tried out communicating with Priya. The talk that proceeds is dirty as it leads to withdrawal of their clothes. Something goes wrong with the internet connection before Leonard sees a nude Priya. When Sheldon shouts that, he was trying to reset their home IP it makes him sad.

Sheldon is not yet done with Penny’s chair and takes his view to Amy. Amy is apparently playing a harp in her room and requests Sheldon to listen to a melody from the theme different strokes but blatantly denies citing conjuring moments from a long time ago. Amy denies Sheldon’s proposal that she should talk to Penny about the chair at first, but when asked to name a price she agrees to it.

Howard teaches Leonard about internet kissing by demonstration all in a bid to woo Leonard to adopt it. In Penny’s room, Amy has a talk about the chair. They disagree in the beginning and when Amy sits on a chair, and a rat appears inside the cushion they dash out screaming downstairs. The internet relationship seems to be working, and Leonard is determined to have it work this time round unfortunately Priya is with the parents. The episode ends with Raj together with Howard disposing of the chair in Penny’s room.

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