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Homework answers / question archive / Complete 12 pages APA formatted article: How Social Media affects the way we live

Complete 12 pages APA formatted article: How Social Media affects the way we live


Complete 12 pages APA formatted article: How Social Media affects the way we live. Rhetoric is the way in which we use languages and images to persuade. The media through several endeavors asks the people in many ways to buy something, influence in their own way through several product differentiating strategies and mould the consumers behaviors. Rhetorical analysis of the social media helps the user of the social media to become perfectly informed. At the same time evaluation of the ethical messages can be analyzed in order to test the effect on the common public and the way they affect the society (Bolin Carroll, 2010, p.46). Social media and its features The social media in the present world can be thought to be of a group of online media with the array of primal activities including participation, openness, conversation, and community (Mayfield, 2008, p.5). Participation: The social media social media encourages contributions and feedback from everyone who is interested (Mayfield, 2008, p.5). Openness: The nature of social media basically serves as an open platform where the feedback and the participation are widely invited. It also helps in the encouragement in the voting, comments and the sharing of information. The barriers of access to the contents present in the social media platform are minimal (Mayfield, 2008, p.5). Conversation: The traditional media is basically concerned with the broadcasting methodology which ensures the content transmission or distribution. But the social media acts as a two-way conversation (Mayfield, 2008, p.5). Community: The social media allows the communities to form quickly and communicate effectively where exchange of information along with the sharing of common interests among the people in topics like photography, any political issues, or it may be any TV shows (Mayfield, 2008, p.5). Connectedness: One of the fundamental agendas of the social media is the emphasis on the connectedness among the people. They try to maintain this connectedness among the public by connecting to the different websites and pertaining links between various people and valuable resources of the society (Mayfield, 2008, p.6). Current forms of the social media There are some well known widely prevalent forms of social media. They are mainly social networking, blogs, wikis, online encyclopedia, podcasts, Forums, content communities, and micro blogging. The social networking allows people to build personal web pages and subsequently maintain connection and sharing content and communication among the people. Some of the popular social networking sites are Face book, My Space, Twitter. The blogs are usually online journals where any news is almost posted at the first instance. The Wikis are those websites which acts as a communal document or database which permits the people to add the contents or edit the information on them. A widely known wikis is the Wikipedia4 which is an online encyclopedia consisting of over 2 million English language articles. The podcasts are audio and video files which can be accessed by people through subscription mechanisms. A widely existing podcast is the Apple iTunes. This creates an indigenous platform for the fusion of several cultures of the globe.

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