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Homework answers / question archive / Essay: Decision Making 2

Essay: Decision Making 2


Essay: Decision Making

2. The subject is related to the Organizational Management course, it has a business and global approach.

3. Check out three of the following websites to find current Management topics. 
4. Identify any sections of the book that relate to these articles.
5. The essay must have three or more bibliographic sources, articles from professional magazines, books, digital magazines and others of a professional nature. I suggest you use the textbook and additional sources for the elaboration of the extended essay.
6. Acknowledge the authorship of others when that is the case (citations within the document).


Turn in your assignment by 11:59 p.m. ET on Saturday September,10 2022.
Please provide a minimum of (5) pages. It must include at least (3 or more) academic sources, formats and cited in accordance with current APA regulations.

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