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Taniyah Wescott Mr. Miller English 102 26 April 2021 Rough Draft Police brutality has become an all-time normal and has conflicted African American citizens into believing that their neighborhoods will never be safe or protected again. There has been continuous incidents whereas police have been proven to disappoint the black community and create doubt for these neighborhoods about their safety in their communities or in their own home. Ma’Khia Bryant is a prime example of police living to be a proven disappointment to the safety of black communities. People of color should begin to know their rights and understand the rules behind policemen and their jobs. This can all begin with the help of neighboring communities and states that achieve great police work within their communities. Police brutality has now became global throughout US states. All communities should create ways to force their local governments into their police departments to help address police brutality in these highly identified areas. Police brutality has been common for decades throughout southern states. It was actually accepted back in the olden days as well. From blowing powerful hoses amongst crowds, beating someone until they bled and even arresting citizens for the most simplistic actions. Those actions of policemen were accepted due to the racial bias, agenda and beliefs that most cops and police departments shared. These actions are no longer acceptable in this new generation of people. Police brutality has became an evil systematic way of allowing racism to be excused.The system creates a loophole into showing that the victims had a partake in the uncontrollable actions of the police. Police officers are not trained correctly to handle certain situations among the communities. Mary Zerkel, article writer states, “Every year on-duty police kill an estimated 1,000 people”, this shows the audience that policemen are not learning the correct training to handle these ongoing situations properly. The problem is that there are not enough police officers who are held fully accountable for their actions. Officers should not only be held fully accountable for their actions but be put through repeating training that shows how to stop escalating situations specifically with those of color. “Warrior training” is a special training that officers must undergo to teach them how to see every encounter as potentially life-threatening especially with those of color. This training has created officers to only see encounters with people of color as life-threatening. Defunding of the police department will enable the communities to grow and feel safe. According to the article, “6 reasons why it’s time to defund the police”, it states that US cities spend almost $100 billion a year on policing which could benefit in other areas of their cities and communities. Those tax dollars that are spent to keep communities “safe” should be relocated into investments of housing, education and healthcare. Instead the tax dollars are put into a system that murders black people regularly. The communities of these cities will regain strength and build a foundation, if there was investments into programs that helped them. possible solutions: - retraining officers to stop escalating situations - defunding and placing that funding into other social services that would allow for the police to begin with (mental health, counseling, anger management) info on what defunding means look into who these folks are Essay Assignment: Problem Solution Argument Essay Prompt: In a Persuasive Argument, you will build from the research and analytical skills you developed thus far to identify a problem and advocate for a way to address, solve, or resolve that problem. Identify an audience who can benefit from and participate in the solution your proposal addresses. In other words, think of a specific rhetorical situation and opportunity (i.e., draw from the knowledge you learned in Essay Assignment 1 and 2.). Your starting point, then, is to identify something you feel, with good reason, should be changed. Next, argue that a certain action should be taken to respond to or resolve that problem. Most of the paper should be devoted to advocating your plan for addressing/resolving the problem and argue for it using organizational strategies such as cost/benefit, steps, or comparison/contrast. Your essay should also address questions of feasibility. To do this, first identify a problem with a clear solution. You can take your cues from the readings included in the book, class discussions, or discussions with your instructor. Consequently, your paper will: • articulates your position or definition of a problem; • • argues for a specific solution to the problem; Lays out a clear step-by-step implantation of the solution. Process: Process: Before proceeding with your work on the assignment you must present your topic and text for your instructor’s review and explain what makes this text an interesting subject (i.e., what is not rhetorically obvious) for rhetorical analysis through a 1-page Statement on Planned Research. This statement will layout the topic and three questions about the topic you want to study. It will also layout why you are interested in studying the topic and what you expect to learn through this analysis. The topic must be approved by your instructor. Doing research is fundamental to putting together an effective paper. To this end you must conduct research on your topic and develop an Annotated Bibliography of at least six sources (see Annotated Bibliography Assignment Sheet). The bibliography can be changed in the final paper, but the annotated bibliography text you submitted will be a graded assignment separate from your Essay Assignment. As you are drafting, consider how you are supporting your claims about the text. Refer to specific evidence from your research (using quotes and other concrete details) to define the problem. At the same time, consider the balance between problem and solution in your writing, specifically its practicality and feasibility. Remember that your job is not to summarize what has already been said about the issue to your reader. Your job is to articulate a clear solution in enough detail for it to be persuasive. After drafting, revise and edit the Final Draft. Consider carefully the organization and coherence of your piece. Develop clear paragraphs that support your thesis. It is essential you incorporate feedback (from peers, from the SVWC, or Smartthinking) at this step off the process based on two completed Feedback Sheets. You must also reflect on this process and develop a Reflection Memo laying out your steps. The Reflection Memo is meant to make you cognizant about the writing process. Based on the feedback you received, lay out your process of incorporating feedback and what you learned about the writing process as such in a 1-page memo. Your answers will not be graded for grammar, but you should try to answer as specifically and clearly as possible. The memo should explicitly answer these four questions: • What did you understand about the changes asked for in your essay by your reviewers? Be specific. • What changes did you make during the revision process and why? • What changes did you not make and why not? • What did you learn about the research process and how will you use it in the next assignment? Format: Your final draft should be five to six pages (double-spaced, TNR font, 1” margins). When citing your outside source(s), follow MLA format (see IC Part 6 or Bowie State Course Library Guide for English 102.). Deliverables: Deliverables: 1) Statement on Proposed Research, 2) Annotated Bibliography, 3) Rough Draft 4) 2Completed Feedback Sheets, 4) Final Draft, and 6) Reflection Memo Theme for this essay: Examining issues exposing and addressing inequality along race and gender lines Ways to address this issue can include the following: * Racial Disparities in Lending ( * Transphobia and Trans rights * The current uptick in violence against Asian Americans in the wake of the Corona Virus * Ending the use of force against people of color by the police • Reparations • Financing Black farmers (who have lost more land due to racist policies) ( • Lack of proper health care for black people and what can be done ( • Waste water and its effect on rural black lives ( • This article details how covid has effected working women in particular Remember: You are addressing a problem by arguing for a solution, which means the problem AND the proposed solution need to be clearly presented. A Thesis Content of Essay B C D 10-9 8 7 6 A very specific thesis (closed or open) that provides a clear position and outlines the structure of the paper. A clear thesis that presents a position being talked about in the paper. It does not present a position or the outline of the paper. No thesis. 30-26 25-22 21-19 18-16 The paper lays out a problem clearly and posits its significance well. It uses research to back up its overall articulation This paper lays out a clear and significant solution to a stated problem. It makes use of organizational strategies (e.g., cost/benefit; compare/contrast; process, etc.) well. The solution is strongly backed up by research. This paper lays out a problem and posits is significance competently. It also uses research to generally support its overall articulation. This paper lays out a solution competently. It makes use of organizational strategies (e.g., cost/benefit; compare/contrast; process, etc.). The solution is backed up by research. This paper lays out a problem and posits its significance adequately. It also uses research to make its point. However, research is uneven. This paper lays out a solution adequately. The use of organizational strategies has to be improved. The use of research is uneven. This paper does n out its problem o its significance adequately. It doe use research in an way This paper does n out a solution ade There is no use of organizational str does not use rese any real way. 20-17 16-15 14-13 12-11 Presents ideas in a cohesive sequence, with paragraphs using topic sentences and transition words or phrases that need to be strengthened; logic of sequence is not explicit but argument type is clear. Presents ideas in a sequence of pars with vague transitions. Topic sentences are present but need to be revised for clarity. Ideas are not prese sequence; transitio topic sentences are effectively used. The introduction and the conclusion connect to the prompt and topic very well. It presents the points and takeaways in a superior manner. The introduction a conclusion does no The introduction and the connect to the prom conclusion somewhat topic. It presents th The introduction and the connect to the prompt and and takeaways conclusion connect to the topic. It presents the points inadequately. prompt and topic. It presents and takeaways the points and takeaways in an competently. adequate manner. Mecha nics and Style 20-18 17-15 14-13 12-11 The essay demonstrates mastery in grammar and mechanics of SAE conventions. Essay has only 1-2 major errors and only 1-2 minor errors in its use of SAE The essay demonstrates proficiency over grammar and mechanics of SAE conventions. Essay has 3-4 major errors and 3-4 minor errors in its use of SAE. The essay demonstrates some competence over grammar and mechanics of SAE conventions. Essay has 5 major errors and 5 minor errors in its use of SAE. The essay displays of competence ove grammar and mech SAE conventions. has 6 or more majo and 6 or more min in its use of SAE. MLA Citations & Formatting 10-9 8 7 6 All sources are introduced and cited. Essay is formatted in Times New Roman, 12 pt. type. Includes a properly formatted Work Cited Page. Most sources are introduced but all of them are cited. Essay is formatted in Times New Roman, 12 pt. type. Includes a properly formatted Work Cited Page Only a couple of sources are introduced but all are cited. Essay is formatted in Times New Roman, 12 pt. type. Work cited page is not satisfactory. Sources are introdu not cited. Essay is appropriately form and may be in a ty other than Times N Roman, 12 pt. No Cited. 10-9 8 7 6 Organization of Essay Presents ideas in a logical and cohesive sequence, with paragraphs using topic sentences and transition words or phrases well and reflecting the argument. Reflection Memo The memo clearly lists the changes made on the basis of reviewer’s feedback. It lists why the changes were made and reflects on the process. It also articulates on future work. The memo lists the changes made. It lists why the changes were made and reflects on the process. The memo lists the chances made. Does not list any c or reflections. Annotated Bibliography Due: Genre/Medium: Annotated Bibliography Prompt: The writer of an annotated bibliography complies a list of sources to build research. The form includes a brief summary of the source and your own critical assessment of its relevance, objectivity, appropriateness, and usefulness. This write-up will be similar to the writing activities you had to do in English 101. To do this assignment use the currency, relevance, authority, accuracy, and purpose (CRAAP) framework in evaluating your resources. It is a tool that helps you keep an organized and thoughtful record of the research process and relevant information about the topic. To this end, you will put together an annotated bibliography of four sources in preparation for Assignment 1. The bibliography will include three types of textual information: 1) Two mainstream and accredited news/ magazine article, 2) Two scholarly/academic “peer reviewed” article, 3) Two legitimate web-based multimedia or blog-style article. Format: Your annotated bibliographies must paragraphs must contain a topic sentence, clear evidence from the reading, and coherent sentences on a topic. It will use transitions affectively to cohere the overall piece together. It must answer: 1) What is the information in the article you are summarizing?, 2) What is your critical assessment of the article?, and 3) How you will use it in your assignment? Instructions: 1. Cite in MLA-citation format the name of the article. 2. Draft one or two paragraphs for each of the sources you list in your annotated bibliography. 3. Review the information in the bibliographies with your classmates to improve the grammar of the text and consider points that might help you build your argument in Assignment 3. Grading Rubric (100 Points): 50-41 40-36 35-31 30-26 25-0 Content & evidence Excellent annotated bibliographies. It lays out the aspects of the topic well, evaluates the sources effectively, and/or lays out how it will be used in the argument. Good annotated bibliographies. It lays out the aspects of the topic well, evaluates the sources, and/or lays out its use in the argument. It is an adequate annotated bibliographies. It lays out the aspects of the topic, but does not evaluates the sources or lay out its use in the argument. Does not fulfill the requirements of an annotated bibliographies. Paragraphs are too poorly written to be useful or no paragraphs presented. Information Literacy 50-41 40-36 35-31 30-26 25-0 Citation is correct. It also provides specific evaluations about the appropriateness of the medium and the information for academic research. Citation is correct. It provides specific evaluations about the appropriateness of the medium. Citation is correct. Citation is accurate. It needs to speak to the appropriateness of the medium and the information for academic research. Citation is not correct. Does not include any information about the medium and appropriateness for academic research. Citation and assessment are not adequate or no citations provided.

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