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Homework answers / question archive / Develop an interactive way to showcase the creative project in class

Develop an interactive way to showcase the creative project in class

Health Science

Develop an interactive way to showcase the creative project in class. For example, if you found an article on art therapy, you could guide the class through a doodling exercise.

  • Presentation is at least 10 minutes long.
  • You found some creative way to show your project (think of activities your classmates can do at home as they listen to you).
  • Presentation covers all major points from the paper.

I have attached the instructions and rubrics, i have also attached the first part ( the assignment done prior to this that is connected to this ) you can use the same idea or make up ur own! I do not want you to do the narration because it has to be my voice so i will need you to write the major information and points in another paper for me to read over and narrate the presentation that you create!

Additional comments by our instructor:

For those of you who have turned in your op-eds, thank you. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that many of you have a talent for creative writing and used that skill set to persuade the reader in your op-eds, which made extremely convincing arguments that were well-supported.

You may use the op-ed that you created to inform/create your final projects, or you may choose an entirely different topic. It is up to you. So far, from grading, I have observed a mixed bag. Some based their final project off of the op-ed. Some did not.

Of the final projects I have seen so far, students have been EXTREMELY creative. One student actually painted, which was cool! One student composed a very professional documentary with built-in videos/hyper links and so forth. Please note that, if you struggle to be creative, that's perfectly okay. Not all of us can be Picasso or Beyonce. However, please do your best and make sure to pick a creative PH intervention that you are passionate about. It will make the assignment far more enjoyable!

So far, we have had a lot of final projects on art therapy. One was on music. One was on hippotherapy (which, I just learned about). A few were on yoga, and so forth. One student did a music video - hence my reference to Beyonce. All were creative and unique and highlighted each student's innate talents!

Out of all the final projects/exams you have this spring semester, I am hoping the one for this class will be one of the more fun assignments. I remember the days of finals and studying equations, formulas, etc. It wasn't the most exciting time in my world. So, I wish you inner peace and clarity of mind as you study, create final projects, and complete the semester.

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