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Homework answers / question archive / Integration of all parts of the world into one (economic) system

Integration of all parts of the world into one (economic) system


  1. Integration of all parts of the world into one (economic) system. Everything linked.
  2. the global economy is ________
  3. drive for profit
  4. opposite of capitalism. Just getting by, no surplus (communist)
  5. The process of biological and ecological exchange that took place as a result of Europe's colonization of the Americas
  6. based on the principle of mutually recognized territorial boundaries. It encouraged language and education policies that created a sense of unity and commonality among citizens.(feature of Europe with the first wave of globalization)
  7. The concept that advocates careful use of environmental resources and community participation in development projects is called
  8. "Population growth would increase exponentially, and would soon outpace food production, causing a demographic collapse" view of _________, after observing population growth in 18th Century England
  9. it reflects historical processes; it overlaps with other regions; it cannot be clearly defined; it has a core and a periphery. All true of the _______ ______, as a region.
  10. The theory conceptualizes social processes as taking place in a series of steps leading to a set endpoint

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