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Course Project Part 1 Q Proposal

Health Science

Course Project Part 1 Q Proposal .Here is the instruction for the paper

The first course project assignment is a written proposal that describes an assessment of the needs of the client(s) and why you feel this project would be beneficial to improve health outcomes. Include the (goal of the project, the target audience, and what you expect the response to be. This proposal should not be more than 2 pages.

In addition, a cover page and reference page using APA format should be included. It is likely that you will need 1 or 2 scholarly articles to get grounded on your topic to develop your QI proposal. • Overall Goal of the QI project •

Target Client Population – including location and/or department •

Brief assessment of the need for a quality improvement for this client population • Anticipated ‘test of change’ (intervention(s) - (This will be supported and/or may change based on part 2- Literature review) • Proposed measurement(s) – (How evaluation will be completed to determine if the intervention(s) made a positive difference. • Desired improved health outcome and/or expected response (resulting form the ‘tests of change’) • Timeline Feel free to contact instructor if would like some feedback on your QI project proposal

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