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Homework answers / question archive / Coursework: Individual, | standard written: 2500 words 1

Coursework: Individual, | standard written: 2500 words 1


Individual, |
standard written:
2500 words
1. Tutor with responsibility for
this Assessment
Steve Bullock is your first point of contact
for this element of assessment.
2. Arrangements for
Your individualised submission deadline
will be available through your assessment
submission point. Although the
Assessment Brief on the Module Guide
includes details of the standard
submission deadline, in all cases those
become individualised for you, and
presented to you through the assessment
point itself. This applies to all forms of
assessment, with the exception of exams,
where the date and time will be available
in MyGlos approximately four weeks in

3. The requirements for the
Essay Title:
Using concepts found in literature and
examples from your own life experience,
explore the ways In which psychological
and sociological theories seek to explain
human behaviour.
Additional information
Please give equal attention to sociological
and psychological perspectives.
Select at least one approach from each
perspective (based on the taught content
of this module).
Please also ensure that you cover the
content of at least 2 of the following:
the nature and impact of major

families and service users in context.

You will need to describe and discuss

each concept and then apply it to an

observed life context

Back up your discussion with relevant

examples from life and from academic

sources — there needs to be a good mix of
both of these elements.

Your “own life experience” covers events

that you have direct knowledge of,

therefore the range of possible subjects is
very wide and includes: personal
thoughts, feelings and behaviour (please
see note below), events you have
witnessed your friends or family going
through, work practice in either paid or
voluntary settings and your own
experiences living through large scale
social changes, for example COVID.

» Please do not feel obliged to consider
issues that may result in personal

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