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Homework answers / question archive / RESEARCH ESSAY  Each student must submit a 1500 (+10%) word essay (due 5

RESEARCH ESSAY  Each student must submit a 1500 (+10%) word essay (due 5



Each student must submit a 1500 (+10%) word essay (due 5.00pm 6th May 2022) on ONE of the seven topics listed below. In your essay, you should answer the question provided whilst including sufficient background (theory and research) to justify the conclusions you reach. You must follow APA conventions for the format of your essay (e.g., double spaced text, however an abstract is not required). You will be expected to locate relevant journal articles to support your arguments. You should be citing a minimum of 10 journal articles (that can be obtained using the databases provided by the online library). Your essay must contain a full reference list (in correct APA format). The reference list does not contribute to the word count.


You should be aware that anything you copy from the web can be easily traced: Penalties for plagiarism are severe – see School Student Policy Handout.


The assignment must be submitted electronically through Turnitin by the due date.  






Does personality remain stable or change over time? Discuss the genetic and environmental influences on personality development.


Is there an agreed set of traits that make up human personalities? Outlines the strengths and weaknesses of trait models of personality.


Discuss the antecedents and consequences of childhood obesity. Why does obesity continue to rise in developed nations?


Why do people eat? Outline the motivational factors that govern hunger and eating behaviour.


Do men and women have different brains? If there are differences, discuss their functional significance.


Discuss the relationship between infant temperament and attachment.


Positive emotion: What factors predict (and do not predict) happiness and life satisfaction?





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