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Homework answers / question archive / Pizza Barn provides upscale, trendy pizzas and has locations in major cities all across Canada

Pizza Barn provides upscale, trendy pizzas and has locations in major cities all across Canada


Pizza Barn provides upscale, trendy pizzas and has locations in major cities all across Canada. Miranda Jones, the HR analyst working at the corporate offices in Vancouver, was concerned as she reviewed statistics pertaining to their workforce during the past 6 months. She noted that over the past half-year, dough masters (pizza makers)) had a high turnover rate. Miranda compared Pizza Barn's numbers to those of other companies in the industry and found that employees were leaving at 3 times the industry average. Furthermore, dough masters were staying with the company for an average of only 3 weeks. To better understand what was happening, Miranda began talking to managers at their various locations across the country. Eric Anders, the manager of the Regina location, could not understand why he had such difficulty keeping staff. "Being a pizza maker is such a simple and basic job. It isn't rocket science! However, people just don't seem to like working here. When they quit, the pizza makers keep telling me that this just 'isn't their scene,' whatever that means. It seems like pizza makers think this is going to be some type of exciting job and dynamic place to work and are then disappointed once they actually start doing the job." When Miranda asked about Eric's recruitment and selection process, he told her that he places advertisements targeting the local colleges and universities, goes through the resumés that come in, and selects the best candidates to interview. To save time, he invites 4 or 5 people to meet with him at the same time and spends about 20 minutes asking each a few behavioural questions. Eric asks for 1 or 2 references, which he does check before hiring anyone. The interview also involves a test for manual skills as pizza makers need to be coordinated. Conversations with managers at different locations across Canada yielded the same results. All managers followed processes very similar to those Eric had outlined and were also experiencing high levels of turnover. Miranda was concerned, this wasn't working. This requires some breakdown of what is happening and further analysis....that is your job!

You are an HR Consultant and you have been hired to advise Miranda on how to deal with the situation they are facing. Your task is to provide professional advice to solve the issue and innovative ways to add design characteristics to the dough master position. write case according to following points

 1. Introduction 

 2. Key Issues 

 3. Recommendations  

4. Situational Interview Questions

 5. Job Design

 6. Conclusion

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