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Homework answers / question archive / Each group is expected to submit jupyter notebook (

Each group is expected to submit jupyter notebook (

Computer Science

Each group is expected to submit jupyter notebook (.ipynb).


2. Inside each jupyter notebook, you are required to mention your name, Group details, and the Assignment dataset you will be working on. Organize your code in separate sections for each task. Add comments to make the code readable. Also, Notebooks without output shall not be considered for evaluation.


3. Convert the notebook to HTML format and upload it on Canvas.




Problem Statement




I am a person looking for options to sell my products online, using platforms like Amazon. Right now I am not clear regarding what are the best products to invest in if I consider myself as a small investor (willing to invest up to 5 lakh Rupees) and so it is quite obvious I consider myself as a risk-averse investor.


I wish to perform sentiment analysis for product reviews from, say, Amazon, to select the best possible products for me.


Expected Answer:


Suggest Top five products for the investment bracket, with a detailed report using sentimental analysis on those product reviews.




1. Datasets regarding products and reviews are available free on Amazon, termed “Scout” tools.

The platform for Analysis:



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