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Mr. B, a well-known rancher and not so well-known part-time cattle rustler, has 20 head of cattle ready for market. Sixteen of these are his own and consequently bear his own brand. The other four bear foreign brands. Mr. B knows that the brand inspector at the market place checks the brand of 20 percent of the cattle in any shipment. He has two trucks, one of which will haul all 20 cattle at once and the other will haul ten at a time. Mr. B feels that he has four different strategies to follow in his attempt to market the cattle without getting caught. The first is to sell all twenty head at once, the others are to sell ten head on two different occasions, putting all four stolen cattle in one set of ten or three head in one shipment and one in the other, or two head in each of the shipments of ten. Which strategy will minimize Mr. B’s probability of getting caught, and what is his prob. Of getting caught under each category?

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