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The U


The U.S. is in the midst of one of the world's most challenging pandemics. Few have been unaffected by this virus, professionally, socially, and economically. We have lost more Americans to this virus than some of our wars, even when added together. We are in an economic recession, facing a depression. Warding off mental health issues has been a challenge. 

What has been our response to this crisis? Have we met the challenge the way any modern, experienced public health system should? How are other nations doing? Have we done as we have so many times before with H1N1, HIV, and Ebola to mitigate spread and damage by this Covid-19 threat?

Assess our situation. Review our systems, organizations, and ourselves. How did generations before you manage the war years? WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the Mideast? How was earlier pandemics managed? The Great Depression? Some of these events went on for years. This virus has been here for only months and some seem unable to even wear a mask or avoid large gatherings. What if we had that attitude during WWII when rationing was in effect? What is our future? What have we done right? Where could we have done more or better? Where are our successes? Failures? What can we and should we be doing now?  Earn points by posting or commenting on others at least three times, initiating your own post at least once. 

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