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You do not seem to have a topic yet


You do not seem to have a topic yet. You are very passionate about using Tableau as a software package, but what is the topic you are interested in investigating. There are tons of research that has been done using Tableau. Examples of such include:

  1. Using Tableau to decide description logics with full role negation and identity by Renate A. Schmidt and Dmitry Tishkovsky
  2. Public Data and Visualizations: How are Many Eyes and Tableau Public Used for Collaborative Analytics.
  3. Coupling Tableau Algorithms for Expressive Description Logics with Completion-Based Saturation Procedures by Andreas Steigmiller, Birthe Glimm, and Thorsten Liebig

You must produce a topic in the form that I have shown you instead of merely saying that you will like to work with Tableau. You need to solve a problem using Tableau, which I think will be very exciting research to do. Once you do this, your topic will be approved

all are there in comments one is PDF file and another one is Word document

ok please give him a good topic which suites this project and satisfy him with given comments Thanks

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