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The assignment description is down here


  • The assignment description is down here. i have uploaded all my speeches outline with the feedback from my instructor. please read them carefully and follow the the requirements.
  • What Is the Assignment?
    Reflect on your peer and instructor feedback on your speeches over the course of the semester and develop (3) page paper on what you learned as you prepared and presented your speeches and how you adapted based on feedback. The reflection should mention choices that you made as a speaker and how you could or will adjust those choices in future presentations. Please make sure to organize your thoughts in your paper. Think about what is being asked and how your answers will help you become a better speaker. The paper should be 3 full pages, any less and deductions will be made to your grade.
  • How Should the reflection can be organized
    There is no strict organizational pattern for this learning opportunity, but be sure to use specific examples in your reflection and discuss your speech preparation and your presentation. Use your feedback to help you develop and organize your reflection.

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