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 write an article on Food Scarcity


 write an article on Food Scarcity. It needs to be at least 2500 words. Hundreds of thousand of families in the Middle East are having a hard time coping with hunger, malnutrition and safety risks because they are forced to increase their spending money on food with high prices. Hence, poor families are further plunged into poverty since they cannot make ends meet. It was also noted that there is a serious humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip due to rising food prices, failed crops and market access that is menacing thousands of poor families. Once considered as the “largest refugee-hosting region in the world (Colin, et al, n.d.),” the Middle East at present regard basic staples like milk or fruit as luxuries. The increases of food prices will continually destabilized the region and make it more vulnerable to current surges of unrests and political conflicts that have been present as long as history can remember. The probable way to solve mass food problem in the Middle East is to develop the agricultural industry and secure sufficient water supply by introducing new technology under the support of international organizations and aid.

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