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Homework answers / question archive / Assignment: Identify a social issue you are strongly opposed to

Assignment: Identify a social issue you are strongly opposed to



  1. Identify a social issue you are strongly opposed to. Then use the 4 stasis questions on page 22 of the textbook to dive deeper into the topic in a way that builds a solid argument.
  2. Think about a time when you believed an emotional appeal put forth by a political party, company, marketing campaign, or piece of advertising only to find out that you were not quite told the truth. Explain the situation, what was told to you, what the truth was, how you uncovered it, and how finding out that you were misled made you feel. Also explain if, or how, this experience changed how you view arguments put in front of you.
  3. Imagine you are the marketing director for a company that makes fruit snacks for kids. The snacks aren’t so much fruit as they are sugar, water, and artificial dyes; but kids love them and they are individually wrapped for ease of use by busy parents. Your company needs to increase sales by 50% in the next quarter and your boss has put this burden on you. Write copy for a print ad to run in “Mom’s World” magazine that uses an emotional appeal to get busy moms to buy your product and give it to their children.
  4. Select someone from the entertainment industry who is famous on an international scale. Then find a charity with characteristics that match that person’s character and ethos. Write text for a print ad that would feature the performer talking about why the charity is important. Also include why you chose the person and charity you did, and why you feel they share an ethos.

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