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Homework answers / question archive / Write a 6 pages paper on aia code of ethics

Write a 6 pages paper on aia code of ethics


Write a 6 pages paper on aia code of ethics. An architect who holds a senior or any other form of position in another organization ought not to incorporate the resources of his other job to his professional career. This is because it may not auger well with particular cases in his professional work

Commentary: Engaging in two businesses at a time is legal as long as the other business does not impede the operating of the person’s profession. Not incorporating resources from the other business is important because it ensures that the people involved in the other business do not register fails due to insufficient resources.

It is illegal for an architect to carry out any form of false publicity that seeks to show his position is better than that of others. This is commonly done through exaggeration and laudatory which is very wrong.

Commentary: It is the responsibility of the architect to give valid information to the public regarding his career. There are many individuals in the architecture arena in contemporary times and this has led to a great deal of competition. With the competition, there comes the urge to show dominance in the field to capture the hearts of many people.

The architecture field is wide and has many players that have different roles in the daily running of architectural firms. For this reason, an architect might ask for a higher amount of money to increase the commission that is illegal. The architect may even state a price too high for the potential client to make which might have the consequence of chasing the client away.

Prior to making any engagement, it is the responsibility of the architect to offer the potential client with the important parameters. These are rules that he ought to follow and the policies of the firm prior to engaging him in negotiations regarding the fees. This is very important because a potential client might have the required resources.

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