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Health Science

Question 1 Community Health Education Models Step 1 National Health Education Standards Read the National Health Education Standards on the CDC site There are 8 standards of performance indicators. Step 2 Models of health learning Read the WHO paper on Health Education Models (in Important Documents) Read Theories and Models Most Often Used in Health Promotion Watch Health Promotion Models Step 3 Health Educational Strategy Models Review Characteristics of Effective Health Education Curriculum Watch Key Ideas in Health Promotion Task Based on what you have learned about health promotion models, theories, and practice, make two Venn diagrams. One should have three circles, one for each of 3 theories/models you have selected and are most interested in using in your own project. The second one should also have three circles for three different strategies for health education. Compare and contrast the theories/models in the first and compare and contrast the three strategies in the second. You may use a digital tool for this or done them long hand on paper and take a picture to submit. For more information on Venn diagrams see Question 2 Activities may be modified by instructor depending on needs of students. However, projects are consistent across all classes. Online students will find details for activities in Important documents. Activity 1: Team Share Members share their Venn diagrams and discuss first the different models and then the strategies. Discuss why you chose the ones you did, how they best address the health education you are interested in, and how the strategies you selected fit the model. Activity 2: Health Education Standards Jig Saw Teams are given 1 -4 standards depending on the size of the class and become experts on these standards. What they are, what programs have already been tried to promote them, what ages they are for, what health issues they address. Teams make an infographic of each standard they have to use when teaching others. Teams regroup so that at least one person from each initial group is in a new group. Members of the new group take turns teaching others about the standards using their infographic. Answer questions. Activity 3: Team strategies Members begin to determine which model they will use. This should be based on their interest area and topic within that area. (This may be done in teams or as individuals) Project Assignment: Complete the community assessment for educational needs in selected health science area. This should be detailed with supporting evidence.

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