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Homework answers / question archive / Prenatal Case Study   Lilly is a 36 year old, G2P1001, MWF (married white female)

Prenatal Case Study   Lilly is a 36 year old, G2P1001, MWF (married white female)

Health Science

Prenatal Case Study


Lilly is a 36 year old, G2P1001, MWF (married white female). Her last child, Katie is eighteen months old and still nursing at night. Lilly is a certified day care worker in the toddler room at the local YWCA. She loves the job because it means she can be close to her daughter, who is in the classroom next door. Her husband owns his own landscaping business and enjoys working outdoors. Between them they make a comfortable living. They were just married three years ago and are pleased about this pregnancy since they want several children and feel that they got a late start. Their first daughter was delivered at the birth center.  They were both very pleased with her birth and the care she received.

Today is Lilly’s first prenatal visit to the birth center with this pregnancy. Her husband and daughter accompany her. The nurse finds them in the waiting room going through the center’s picture album. They find their picture from their daughter’s birth and attempt to get Katie’s interest. She briefly looks at it, but is more interested in the toys in the children’s corner. After a brief discussion with Lilly and her husband, Lilly goes with the nurse to one of the exam rooms, while her husband stays with Katie. The nurse begins Lilly’s care by asking for information to establish her due date.

Please type all answers to questions below, use normal font and double space. Cite references used in APA style.  Answer questions thoroughly. These will be reviewed during post clinical conference.


1. List three questions that the nurse may ask that will help establish Lilly’s due date.

2. Lilly states that she first felt the baby move yesterday. If this is so, how far along might Lilly be?

3. AS the pregnancy progresses, what other physical signs can be used to help confirm the due date?

4. Why is it important that Lilly’s due date be determined during the early visit?


5. Identify two environmental risk factors that could possibly expose Lilly to teratogenic agents?

6. Identify at least two other risk factors for Lilly’s pregnancy.

7. Lilly says that she is not ready to completely wean her 18 month old from the breast. What advice should the nurse give her regarding this?

8. Lilly and her husband have decided that they want their daughter present for the labor and birth. What advice should the nurse offer them regarding their decision?

9. Lilly stated that one of the children at the child care facility where she works has been diagnosed with Fifth disease. She asks if this is dangerous to her and her baby. How should the nurse respond?

10. What test will be done to determine if Lilly is at risk from Fifth disease?

11. Birth centers do not offer epidurals and many do not offer any forms of medications for pain relief. Despite this, the level of satisfaction with birth centers is high, often higher than with medicated, hospital births. What factors affect how satisfied a client is with her birth experience?




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