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Homework answers / question archive / Find the final amount on BD 950 at 5% simple interest for 4 years

Find the final amount on BD 950 at 5% simple interest for 4 years


Find the final amount on BD 950 at 5% simple interest for 4 years. a. 1140 BD b. 1255 BD O c. 1291 BD d. 1112 BD e. 1192 BD -Noor received BD 800 in a bank charging 5% discount rate. How much would she pay at the end of 250 days? a. 25040 BD b. 23040 BD c. 24040 BD d. 23080 BD e. 23140 BD -How long will it take BD 500 to accumulate to BD 4700 if the interest is at 3% compounded semi- annually? a. 48.8 years O b. 47.8 years C. 50.8 years d. 40.54 years e. 45.8 years -Calculate the future value of an ordinary annuity with BD 130 quarterly payments at 4% annual interest for 10 years. a. 63080.247 b. 64740.341 c. 64040.214 O d. 6355.228 e. 65040.781 O -Compute the compound amount if BD 700 is invested at 2% compounded daily for 280 days. a. 710.822 b. 715.248 O c. 750.364 O d. 720.321 e. 732.154 O -On April 17, Mohamed joined a football club. His bank will automatically deduct BD 150 from his checking account at the end of each month, and deposit it into his football account, where it will earn 3% annual interest. The account comes to term on November 1. Analysis the following: a. Future value of Mohamed's football club account. (3 Marks ) b. Mohamed's total contribution to the account. (1 Marks) c. Total interest earned on the account. (1 Marks) a. a.1583.022. b.1580 c. 3.022 b. a.1057.298. b.1049.4 c. 7.898 c. a. 1949 b.1900 c. 49 d. a.1899 b.1800 c. 99 e. a. 1686.012. b. 1680 c. 6.012 ?. The 2007 financial crisis is the breakdown of trust that occurred between banks the year before the 2008 financial crisis. It was caused by the subprime mortgage crisis, which itself was caused by the unregulated use of derivatives. Despite these efforts, the financial crisis still led to the Great decline. Moreover, financial crisis in 2007-2008 have caused losses to life insurance companies issuing variable annuities with guarantees. This is partly due to failure of variable annuity (VA) issuers to anticipate the large variations in asset prices during the financial crisis times in their pricing framework and also setting a higher guaranteed rate. Over the past two decades, guarantees that protect variable annuities' balances when their underlying investments perform poorly have become quite accepted. Cooperatively, these guarantees can pose a considerable risk to life insurers. This article explores the different types of variable annuity guarantees, the extent of the risk they pose to insurers, and the practices used by insurers to militate against such risk. Answer the following using your own words: Q1: Explain how the Financial Crisis Affected Pensions and Insurance and Why the Impacts Matter. Q2: How much risk do variable annuity guarantees pose to life insurers? How large are liabilities associated with guarantees?

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