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COMP715 Assignment Guidelines I


COMP715 Assignment Guidelines I. General Instructions a. Topic selection Refer to the list in AUT BB which will be published in week 3. Allocation of a topic is by first-come-first-serve basis. At most 3 students can do the same topic. You can make your selection during week 3 lab session. After that, you can email your selection, provided it is still available. If you have not made a selection by end of week 4, a topic will be assigned to you. The list is not exhaustive and is deliberately general so that you can choose to focus on a particular area of your interest within the topic. You may also suggest your own topic in which case you need to inform me in an email. b. Submission - soft copy only The soft copy of your assignment in pdf format must be submitted using the turnitin link in AUT BB by the deadline given in AUT Blackboard. Late submission will be penalised according to AUT guidelines. II. Requirements You are required to research current literature on your topic and use the material to write your essay. Use inline citations to acknowledge all your sources, support your arguments, point to other information, etc. You are expected to go beyond course readings and lectures, and not simply rehash the course material. III. Format Length of assignment: The body of the text (excluding title page, references, and bibliography) should be around 2,000 words, (approx 10 pages, A4 double spacing). Paper & Font: Your assignment must be typed using double spacing on A4 size paper. Use Times Roman, size 12 font. Your paper must have at least the following sections: Introduction Main body (with subsections where appropriate), Conclusion, and followed by References and/or Bibliography. Use inline citations. There is no need for a content page, preface, etc. The title page must be simple; stating your topic title and topic number, and your name. Do not use fanciful title fonts, borders, etc. Keep the layout simple, clear, non distracting. Remember this is a formal academic writing. IV. Marking Criteria Papers will be graded based on (1). the overall structure, organisation, and flow; (2). the content -- the W4H (what, why, who, when and how ?), factual accuracy, sufficient details, clarity, etc.; (3). your analysis, findings, discussions, and conclusions; (4). the quality of your research (whether you find good sources, whether your sources are current and diverse); (5). the writing mechanics (spelling, grammar, clarity and style, citations). V. Academic Integrity The university regards very seriously any acts of dishonesty relating to assessments. Any such acts will result in appropriate adjustment of the assessment mark and may lead to disciplinary action. Such acts include: Plagiarism Plagiarism means using the work of another without indicating, by referencing (and by quotation marks where exact phrases are borrowed), that the ideas expressed are not one’s own. You may use the ideas and information of other authors to support your own work, but these must be acknowledged. Simply paraphrasing or extracts from other authors work is NOT acceptable. Your work must include your own intellectual contributions. Use your own words. Extensive copying of other work, even within quotation marks, is not acceptable. The Turnitin tool will check for plagiarism. If the similarity is 20% or more, you will get a zero mark and be reported to the school registrar. Unauthorised Collaboration Unauthorized collaboration means joint effort between students and others for the assessment. Students are encouraged to discuss their work with others. However, the collection and analysis of information, organisation and the expression of ideas and arguments in the assignment must be the student’s own work. Submitting other people's work as your own If your submission is not your own work, it can be found out. Be warned: The consequences of submitting somebody's else work as your own is very severe.

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