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Homework answers / question archive / H05V Research Project Your project must be submitted as a Word document (

H05V Research Project Your project must be submitted as a Word document (

Health Science

H05V Research Project

Your project must be submitted as a Word document (.docx, .doc)*. Your project will be individually graded by your instructor and therefore will take up to a few weeks to grade.

Be sure that each of your files contains the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your student ID number
  • Your email address

Be sure to keep a backup copy of any files you submit to the school!


During your study, you may have found one of the medical disorders you read about to be especially interesting. This assignment gives you an opportunity to apply what you’ve learned by researching outside sources and increasing your understanding of one disorder.


This assignment is designed to help you apply what you’ve learned from your lessons by researching and writing about a medical disorder you’ve studied and to give you an opportunity to demonstrate your written communication and research skills.


Select a single medical disorder that affects the cardiovascular, respiratory, lymphatic, immune, gastrointestinal, urinary, or reproductive systems. Consult the software program Anatomy & Physiology Revealed 4.0 to determine the histology and any imaging studies used to diagnose the disorder. Utilize other resources, including the textbook, journal articles, and primary websites to validate your findings. Then, prepare a detailed report on the medical disorder, including the following elements:

  1. Definition
  2. Method(s) of diagnosis
  3. Symptoms and complications of the disorder
  4. Diagnostic findings from imaging and histology
  5. Treatment of the disorder
  6. Methods of prevention, if any
  7. Directions for future research

Incorporate the information you learned about anatomy and physiology from this course, but don’t limit your discussion to the textbook and course. Take advantage of external resources to provide an in-depth, comprehensive report.

Go to and read the instructions for research papers.

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