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Homework answers / question archive / Submit your complete marketing plan, to include the distribution channels, promotional strategy, and marketing strategy (see Lesson 5)

Submit your complete marketing plan, to include the distribution channels, promotional strategy, and marketing strategy (see Lesson 5)


Submit your complete marketing plan, to include the distribution channels, promotional strategy, and marketing strategy (see Lesson 5). Include a justification narrative of your choices. Assignment based off of 'Sit Means Sit' dog training franchise, located in t subarb of Chicago.

References to complete:

(Promotional Strategy Categories of promotional channels organize customers into groups based on their readiness to explore a new concept or product. The special deals and offers I plan to implement to secure new customers and retain old customers. The 'Sit Means Sit' franchise is a reputable dog training company, while considering the success of the franchise is based on the overall success rate of the training process. This means that the management of the company will have to continue to develop promotional messages which are distinct and applicable to each of the following; advertising, in store marketing, coupons & discounts, loyalty marketing, sampling, and social media.

In the social media strategy, the promotional message will be through videos in some of the most prevalent channels, such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. This message will explain the use of technology as the most innovative and advanced method of training dogs. The rationale for this message and the used channel is the fact that knowledge is the initial phase in the proliferation of innovation (Sun & Jeyaraj, 2013). This is the stage at which the prospective adopter first becomes introduced to the invention itself. They do not have adequate details to reach a buying decision on and have not yet been motivated sufficiently to seek more. At this point, I will aim to improve product awareness and provide appropriate information for the potential target market to seek my business over competitors.

The marketing department will highlight, in detail, the benefits of using the product in both videos and print media. The benefits included in the promotional message will consist of faster training, the ability to monitor performance, and living an overall better quality of life. Its rationale is that it is the persuasion of properly using social media to promote, is when the potential customer is responsive to the product, which generates a positive reputation and reviews. As the company grows and word continues to spread amongst the community, there would be a deliberate attempt to market the idea to police and search and rescue task forces.)

(Marketing Strategy First, as a franchise, I have always had the intent to use the marketing vehicles strategy. By doing this, I will get able to perform face to face marketing of our dog training services offered. Reaching the customers in their areas will help a lot since I plan to deliver our information to the customers’ eyes, while conducting business or errands. The main reason for deciding to choose this strategy, is because of the advantage of bringing the target audience to you. Even though the process may be unnoticed at first, it creates a positive relationship with the community, giving the customers the opportunity to feel free to inquire myself or employees about information. Furthermore, many people may having trouble finding a reliable company, of become curious of the idea of where to access our information online through digital devices. Therefore, the vehicle marketing plan will help me educate potential customers about not only our eye catching logo, but also allowing them to visually see the company's domain name. Lastly, the face to face marketing strategy will also be a priority of mine, establishing relationships and credibility. To run and maintain your business, it is essential to focus on the relationship with your customers and the community you operate in. By coming into contact with your customers, you can gain clients, submitting positive reviews, quickly generating revenue. Building a positive reputation will lead to trust and build a solid foundation from the start. It is more often than not true that most people put their trust in the person who they have already established a relationship with.)

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