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Homework answers / question archive / MULTIPLE CHOICE 1




1. Unmarried spouses can claim support from each other:

a. under the Divorce Act

b. if they have cohabited for three years

c. on the basis of a prenuptial agreement

d. if they can prove adultery or cruelty

e. any or all of the above


2. Twelve-year-old children can:

a. be awarded support from their parents according to their needs

b. withdraw unilaterally from parental control

c. be awarded the right to see as much of each of their parents as is consistent with their best interests

d. determine for themselves who will have custody of them

e. a and c


3. Employers are normally required to pay their employees at least the provincial minimum wage, although exceptions apply, which may include the following:

a. employees who work as servers

b. employees who are not Canadian citizens

c. employees who are under the age of 21

d. employees who are on probation

e. all of the above


4. An employer is required to give a terminated employee the reasonable notice prescribed under the applicable employment standards legislation unless:

a. the employee and the employer have contracted out of the application of the legislation

b. the employee is over the age of 65

c. the employee has been terminated for just cause

d. the employer has made payment in lieu of notice

e. c or d


5. What constitutes reasonable notice of termination does not depend on:

a. the duration of employment of the terminated employee

b. the age of the terminated employee

c. the employer’s financial situation

d. the conduct of the employer

e. the re-employability of the terminated employee


1 short answer APA format - not an essay but a couple sentences for answers regarding the questions below - 25 page attachment - in cite references to make answer stronger

Read Canada (Prime Minister) v. Khadr case file and answer the following questions. 

  • Do you agree with the Supreme Court's reasoning in declining to order a remedy for the violation of Khadr's Charter rights?
  • Do you believe the Supreme Court decisions are very influential, somewhat influential, or have no influence at all on the actions of the executive branch of the government?
  • How can the public support the influence of decisions like the Khadr decision?
  • In 2017, the Canadian government announced a $10.5 million settlement with Khadr to compensate for damages arising from its previous handling of the case. Do you agree with the action of the Canadian government?

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