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Homework answers / question archive / MGMT 712 Questions   For the provided data set “MGMT 712 Test Data

MGMT 712 Questions   For the provided data set “MGMT 712 Test Data


MGMT 712 Questions


For the provided data set “MGMT 712 Test Data.xlxs”

(This section is worth a total of 10 points)


1a. Is the Y data stable?

1b. Which is the right tool to check for this?


2. Is the Y data capable of meeting specifications LSL=97, USL=99?


3a. Does the Y data vary by shift?

3b. Which is the right tool to check for this?



For the following questions, the value of each question is listed in parentheses after the question.


4. From what source do the most impactful performance improvement projects originate? (2 points)


5. What is the purpose of a Project Charter? (4 points)


6. What is entitlement for the accuracy of a process? (1 point)


7. Is Customer Satisfaction an effectiveness or efficiency measure? Explain. (2 points)


8. If a process has a Cp of 2 but a Cpk of 0, what is the approximate defect rate? (2 points)


9. If a process has an OEE of 100%, what is its quality rate? What could we say about its current capacity? (2 points)


10. What is SPC? What are the 2 conditions for stability of a process? (4 points)


11. A pharmaceutical company is experiencing quality issues related to contaminants in its production area. What methodology might be best suited to tackling this issue and why? (4 points)


12. What is the purpose of the Define Phase of a DMAIC project? (4 points)


13. What is arguably the most important phase of a DMAIC project (and why)? (4 points)


14. What is the function of the Steering Group in a performance improvement program? (4 points)


15. What is the first phase of deploying an organization-wide performance improvement program/initiative? Why is this an important phase? (4 points)


16. What are the key components of management systems? What is the purpose of a management system in an organization? (10 points)


17. A company is seeking a trainer to train Yellow Belts as the first step in launching their program. What would you advise them to do and why?  (6 points)


18. How has the definition of quality developed beyond simple conformance quality? (8 points)


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