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Case Company: Nike


Case Company: Nike.

Please read the Product Identification(Attachment) and write follow the structure below.

Brand Value and Loyalty

  • Describe the brand experience and any relevant and meaningful brand touch points
    • Name and describe at least 5 relevant brand touch points for your product(see Product Identification)
    • Are there any brand experiential elements? Will you build in a brand community? (How?)
  • Brand Loyalty
    • Using the Brand Loyalty Matrix, map out what are the important elements to your product
    • How will you measure Brand Loyalty? How will you gain customer feedback? (Choose one of the 4 inquiries)
  • Brand Equity and Value
    • Choose one Brand Equity model to describe
    • Choose two ways to determine Brand Value
      • Determine Valuation via discounted cash flow or P/E Ratio
      • Select one of the research models to explain

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