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Homework answers / question archive / Oedipus and read up to line 822

Oedipus and read up to line 822


Oedipus and read up to line 822.

A) Character Analysis - Do you believe Oedipus deserves to be King at this point in the play? Consider how he became became King of Thebes; his ancestry, his handling of the crisis. (Use at least 1 quote from the text to defend your claim)

B) Textual Analysis - Using our definition of Dramatic Irony, search the reading for at least 2  more examples of it occurring and explain how the text is ironic. Write down the quote and explain what it adds to the story. It does not have to focus only on Oedipus’ dialogue.

C) Creative - Write the next part of the play as Teiresias enters the scene. It can be serious or humorous but it should build off the first scenes that we have read. You can add characters, but Oedipus and Teiresias should have at least some speaking roles. (You can write this in prose/paragraphs or in the dramatic play style as it is written in the handouts. If you choose the latter it should be longer in page length and slightly shorter in word count).

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