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Homework answers / question archive / Please reflect this week on your communication journey

Please reflect this week on your communication journey


Please reflect this week on your communication journey. In week 1, you rated your communication skills. Take the scale below and rate yourself now:

Novice: You tend to "wing it" when communicating. Your messages seldom achieve your desired goals.

  • Intermediate: Your communications are sometimes effective, but you lack an established process for communicating (and you aren't actively testing your methods).

Proficient: You apply some tools and techniques of communications and, while you may do so inconsistently, you are fairly effective when you communicate.

  • Distinguished: You are considered highly professional. You regularly influence outcomes through communications and you are highly communications-oriented.

Expert: You have extensive experience in business communications, are well-versed in the topic, and can influence goals strategically while driving action with your messaging.

  • Explain how good communication and writing can help your career and your life.


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