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NSG453 Care Coordination_Co


NSG453 Care Coordination_Co... CCTM NSG453 Discussion Board Rubrics f Performance: Strong Satisfactory Weak 4 points 2-3 points 1-2 points Number & Provides at least one Provides at least Provides at leas due dates (1) of two (2) two (2) posts by two (2) posts by for 2 DB required posts by the end of day the end of the posts end of day Friday to Sunday; required day Sunday but assist in developing posts must be 24 both posts are & guiding DB hours apart. within a 24 hr topics/discussion; period. required postings completed on two different days 24 hours apart. Content of Expresses opinions Provides details Details 2 posts & ideas in enough which support inconsistently compelling detail to statements, provide support statements, credible evidence, supporting credible evidence, or or examples statements, examples necessary necessary to credible to effectively explain adequately explain evidence, or concepts & ideas. concepts & ideas. examples necessary to adequately explain concept & ideas. Format & Posts are 400 words Posts are 400 Posts are 400 mechanics or more. No words or more. words or more. grammar/spelling Minor errors in Readability errors; clear, logical grammar/spelling limited by poor development ideas which may detract grammar, & conclusions. Post from overall spelling, or wor in APA format. readability but usage; logical logical development of development of ideas & ideas and conclusions conclusions. Posts lacking. Major in APA format APA format with minimal errors noted. errors. 

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