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Homework answers / question archive / EXTRA CREDIT- POLITICAL THEORY Extra Credit will be announced throughout the session

EXTRA CREDIT- POLITICAL THEORY Extra Credit will be announced throughout the session



Extra Credit will be announced throughout the session. Feel free to attempt as many extra credits as possible. It cannot hurt your grade, only help! It also is very useful in building up your critical thinking/analytical skills. I recommend that you turn it in as we go along so that I can give you feedback. Nevertheless, all extra credit is due on the date stated in your syllabus. Please group them by week and submit together. Article analysis as well as T.V./Radio analysis can be worth up to 10 points apiece. Meetings – city council/school board, etc. can be worth up to 25 points. Extra Credit dies not make up for missed assignments, it is only added on to completed work.


Standard Extra Credits are:

· Podcasts – example NY Times Daily

· Frontline – PBS, 10:00 pm Tuesdays or online at

· National Public Radio – Any political program (discussing important public issues of the day) KPFK, 90.7 FM, KCRW, 89.7 FM, KPCC, 89.3FM or online at “”

· City Council Meetings – look in your local paper or call city hall for day/time

· Article Analysis – any topic that I announce in-class you can read about in the LA TimesNY Times, etc. and write up an analysis



· all extra work must include a short but detailed summary of the topic

· it must all include key issues raised that are important to the political system

· it must include a discussion of weakness/strengths of the program, article, etc.; see if you can identify the author’s ideology and briefly discuss

· finally, it must include your opinion about the topic


As stated above extra credit is added on to completed assignments. I always add extra credit points to the core assignments first. Any leftover extra credit points would be added to Written Exercises. The way extra credit is weighted is as follows:

Meetings, lectures, exhibits, etc. up to 25 points each

Article Analysis, Radio, T.V. etc. up to 10 points each


50 points extra credit could increase a midterm, final, or paper grade by half a percentage point. For example, if you received a “B+” on the midterm, 50 points of extra credit would increase your midterm grade to an “A-“.


Make sure to cite sources.

All extra credit should be typed double-spaced.

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