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Ontological Arrogance v


Ontological Arrogance v. Ontological Humility

What do you see in this image? Provide only one perspective. Explain how you arrived at your conclusion.

found the Image in the link:

Use as references:

Title: Ethical Dimensions in the Health Professions

Edition: 6th (2015)

Author: Doherty, Regina and Purtilo, Ruth

Publisher: Elsevier Science

Book ISBN: 978-0323328920

  • Read Chapter 3: “Prototypes of Ethical Problems” in the book Ethical Dimensions in the Health Professions (6th ed.)
  • Read Chapter 4: “Ethics Theories and Approaches: Conceptual Tools for Ethical Decision Making” in the book Ethical Dimensions in the Health Professions (6th ed.)
  • Read Chapter 5: “A Six-Step Approach to Ethical Decision Making” in the book Ethical Dimensions in the Health Professions (6th ed.)

In two diferent paragraph give your personal opinion to Jessica Egloff and Paula Switzer

Paula Switzer

When I look at this picture, I see two people trying to get out or look out a window. The window is high so it may be in the basement of a home. They may be in danger and need to get out, I see the child’s arms are out asking what to do next.

The reason why I think this is, I am aware of my emotional thought process. I am a nurturer and always look for an opportunity to help people. My subconscious tells me these two stick figures need help. My emotions and concerns send me to see the need in people or the stick figures.

Although I see it this way, the old saying, “believe none of what you hear and half of what your see” makes me open to interpretation “Ontological humility is the acknowledgement that you do not have a special claim on reality or truth and, others have equally valid perspectives…” (Fausto, 2020). If I were to demand the picture is only what I see or think, I would be Arrogant in this assignment “ontological arrogance…tend to make use of formal power to make their opinions and perspectives override those of others” (Fausto, 2020).

For the sake of the assignment and reading, when we look at current events, many people are stuck with an ontological arrogance view and will not change their position or see another side. Maybe if America had an ontological humility perspective, it could help our country ethically. If I were arrogant and tried to resolve an ethical dilemma, I would not be open to analyzing the problem “imagination enhances ethical decision making by allowing you to think more creatively and expansively about the alternatives” (Doherty & Purtilo, 2011).

Paula Swtizer

Fausto, J. (2020). There’s a thin line between confidence and arrogance… It’s called humility. Confidence Smiles. Arrogance Smirks. Retrieved from

Doherty, R. & Purtilo, R. (2011). Ethical Dimensions in the Health Professions. Retrieved from

Jessica Egloff

When I study the given image I see an adult and a child waiting beside each other in a room. The more I studied the image the more ideas an assumptions I was able to make. It appears as though they are looking up at a display screen. The display could review food items available on a menu or perhaps movies choices available at a theater. There are no other individuals around them, so it must be at an odd time of day.

I am looking forward to reading what others saw!

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