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Homework answers / question archive / Part 1 This is an individual assignment

Part 1 This is an individual assignment


Part 1

This is an individual assignment. Read the recent research article "Biochar Wastewater Treatment 2020." Prepare a 2-3 paragraph response for the following: 

What are the main points of the article? How can it connect to scouring wool washing discussions for the wool industry? How can this technique be used more broadly in the apparel industry? Refer to the book Raw Material and Sustainability & Social Change in Fashion to develop your response. Provide key citations in APA format. 


Part 2

After reading Raw Material Ch. 11- 15 (p. 138- 213), what are the main points that resonated with you? How does this connect with broader discussions about sustainable fashion in the book Sustainability & Social Change in Fashion?

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