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Homework answers / question archive / Modern organizational theory Home exam autumn 2021 Length of the assignment: approximately 5500 words (15-20 pages)

Modern organizational theory Home exam autumn 2021 Length of the assignment: approximately 5500 words (15-20 pages)


Modern organizational theory

Home exam autumn 2021

Length of the assignment: approximately 5500 words (15-20 pages).

Technical requirements: font size 12, line spacing 1.5 and standard margin (2.5 cm). The assignments must have a bibliography of references if this is used.


Extensive use of sources without reference to sources in an answer is to be regarded as exam cheating!


The assignment consists of two parts. Both parts must be answered. The assignment is assessed together, but the main emphasis is on part 1. When it comes to the number of words, part 2 is in addition to the stated number of words in the course description.




Reforms are intended to change public organizations so that they function better. The local police reform from 2015 in Norway is one such example. The same is true of the Court Reform from 2021, and the merging of counties and municipalities. Take as a starting point one of these reforms, or another reform in the public sector that you are familiar with.


Based on the syllabus literature and other relevant sources, you should discuss the following:


  1. How is the reform justified and what is to be changed (formal structure, culture, etc.)?
  2. What challenges can the implementation of the reform entail and what can explain these?



Take as a starting point a topic you have had on the course, and which you think was particularly interesting.





There has been a lot of questions regarding part 2, so this is what my teacher has responded:


“Now it’s 'flowing in here with questions regarding part 2 of the exam.


The purpose of this section is simply as it says: that you should choose a topic that you think has been particularly interesting, give a brief account of it, and justify why you perceived it as particularly interesting (e.g., because this lesson gave you new insight and / or that it can be used in further work).


This learning reflection is not linked to part 1. It can make up about one page.


Do not make this more complicated than it is.


Good luck”


  • Do not write a big introduction or something similar. Keep it short and brief to the point.
  • Use a simple language everybody can understand. Do not try to use fancy words or sentences to make the text look better.
  • Be aware of grammatical errors and split the text into logical paragraphs so there is a certain flow in the text.
  • Avoid using repetitive words and sentences to fill up the pages.
  • Use relevant organizational theories from reliable sources only (for example sage journals).
  • Make sure you specifically answer what the task asks for. Writing general sentences that could apply to any task won't help, so please be original. Do not use previous work! - Do some research on Norway as well regarding relevant material. For example, about reforms mentioned in the text.
  • Don't exceed the allowed word count. That's the absolute maximum allowed. Longer texts do not necessarily mean a better paper.
  • Read the task carefully and do proper research before starting to write.
  • Remember, this assignment is at the highest level, so please write accordingly. - Especially avoid using normative sentences, for example claiming a specific theory to be true or stating that a person should or should not complete a certain act.

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