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Homework answers / question archive / Complete 3 pages APA formatted article: Business ethics and law

Complete 3 pages APA formatted article: Business ethics and law


Complete 3 pages APA formatted article: Business ethics and law. There are many ethical dilemmas that face persons dealing in sales. These dilemmas arise from interaction with individuals and agencies both within and from outside the organization. Sales personnel are prone to facing more ethical conflicts than individuals dealing in other lines of business. These persons are not as closely supervised as other workers and they play a big role in raising income for the organization. This paper seeks to document the pressures that a sales representative working for a company that provides technical support to customers may face. The paper will delve into the dilemma the individual will be facing when the organization does not hit its first and second quarter profits consecutively. The sales representative is paid on commission, and the company has not met its quarterly expectations for the first and second quarters. This translates to a fall in the company’s revenue. As an employee of the company, he or she has the duty to execute his responsibilities with diligence and resilience as his effort is needed to realize the company’s overall targeted performance (Weiss 213). When the company is not realizing its targets, it impacts on its competitive capacity against its rival companies. Continued failure to realize targets will drive the company to making decisions on adjusting salaries and wages to its personnel or retrenching some. The sales representative is under pressure from his duty to the company to help realize its target. The sales representative has two young children whom he or she supports from the income he or she gets from working for the sales company. The individual is just but one of thousands of people employed by the company and who most probably also survive on the salaries and wages they get from the company. Having not made any sales for a while, the sales representative is probably going without some things that he or she needs because affordability is going down with the lack or reduction of income. The individual and probably the others working for the company have perhaps had to cut on certain expenditures so as to make ends meet with the way things are going in the company. Family needs are a profound source of pressure in the situation facing the sales representative. 500 Company has approached the representative to supply them with 3,000 new computers. The company stands the risk to incur high costs if they do not get the computers. What does this mean for the individual and 500 Company? The individual has the human obligation to see to it that the company does not incur the costs when he or she can help. There are people who work for the company just like he or she and many others work for their company. Incurred costs in 500 Company will perhaps translate to poor stock price and or reduced salaries and wages for its workers further affecting other innocent people who depend on these workers (Weiss 215). It will also mean that 500 Company will do poorly in its performance relative to its competitors. The sales representative will feel obligated to lend a hand to avoid such a scenario from happening. 500 Company needs all the 3,000 computers supplied in two months’ time. The sales representative has 1,000 new computers ready in the warehouse. The deficit of 2,000 new computers will need to be ordered from the manufacturer. Whereas the individual knows that it would take the manufacture two months to get the 2,000 new computers ready for 500 Company, he or she also knows that the manufacturer is struggling with too many orders already. The individual has the option of closing the deal with 500 Company and deliver the 1,000new computers available and order the rest from the manufacturer. How will closing the deal with 500 Company impact on the representative’s company? He or she will enable his or her company to meet its third quarter’s target and improve its stock price.

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