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Homework answers / question archive / an research paper on three different perspectives of intelligence defining

an research paper on three different perspectives of intelligence defining


an research paper on three different perspectives of intelligence defining. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism. The third concept of intelligence is that of an organization, and it refers to various entities responsible for carrying out intelligence functions. For example, the organizations such as the CIA, of the US, Mossad of Israel, etc. qualify as entities responsible for gathering intelligence. It is important to denote that some people define intelligence, as information which is secret.

However, this is not correct, because intelligence is a type of information which has been collected and processed for purposes of meeting the various needs of policymakers. It is important to denote that intelligence revolves around issues that concern with foreign policy, defence, and some areas of homeland security3. On this basis, the various policies, capabilities, and actions of a rival or even friendly nations are a major concern to the policymakers and the intelligence community. The intelligence community also considers other areas such as terrorism, espionage, and subversion as issues that need intelligence collection.

Intelligence can be carried out in political, social, military, environmental, cultural and health sectors of rival nations, or of a society. The process of intelligence consists of six major processes, namely, the requirements, collection, exploitation and processing, production and analysis, dissemination and consumption, and feedback4.

Under this process, intelligence officials will develop areas or issues that intelligence is supposed to create a contribution. Policymakers will have to decide on which area or issue is more important than the other. This is for purposes of enabling intelligence officials to place more time and energy in gathering information from the issues under consideration. This stage involves the classification of different types of intelligence.

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