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Homework answers / question archive / Answer the following two questions, each in essay format

Answer the following two questions, each in essay format


Answer the following two questions, each in essay format.:

(1) What are the major factors that you would ascribe to explaining a state's politics?

This is to be answered by conceptualizing the ideas about what factors should be understood to explain a state's political dynamics (beyond just political parties and elections).

What factors make a state politically one way or another?

Take a sense of the various topics and connect how those ideas/concepts help to better explain why one state "political acts" one way while those same factors may help to explain how another state "acts politically".

Because of how wide/expansive the field of ideas/factors may be, the question becomes, what do you see as the important/relevant factors to explaining how a state's politics is understood.

(2) How does a state's public opinion, interest group environment, and political parties influence a state's political landscape and its electoral environment.

The only sources to be utilized is a book entitled "Politics in the American States: A comparative Analysis" 11th Edition by Virginia Gray, Russel L. Hanson, and Thad Kousser along with the attached sources. In text citation is required along with bibliography.

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