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Homework answers / question archive / Sophia US History 1 Milestone 4 1) Which of the following supported the criticisms of Presidential Reconstruction by Radical Republicans in Congress?     All men were given the right to vote, regardless of skin color

Sophia US History 1 Milestone 4 1) Which of the following supported the criticisms of Presidential Reconstruction by Radical Republicans in Congress?     All men were given the right to vote, regardless of skin color


Sophia US History 1

Milestone 4

1) Which of the following supported the criticisms of Presidential Reconstruction by Radical Republicans in Congress?



All men were given the right to vote, regardless of skin color.



Southern states ratified the 13th Amendment.



Southerners elected former Confederate officials to Congress.



Southern states refused to abide by the terms of Presidential Reconstruction.


2. Which statement best reflects the approach of abolitionists to ending slavery?



"We appeal to the conscience of all Americans to protect the country’s soul by ending slavery."



"Slavery must be contained in the South and not allowed into the Western territories."



"We support a gradual approach to the end of slavery, like that which has occurred in the northern states."



"Relocating African Americans is the most appropriate way to end slavery in America."


3. What set Nat Turner's Rebellion apart from other slave rebellions?



It was extremely dangerous for Turner and his followers.



It effectively liberated the slaves of Southampton County.



It was the most successful, even though it resulted in Turner's death.



The plot was discovered before the rebellion even began.


4 Which of the following statements best represents Abraham Lincoln's experience of and views on slavery prior to the Civil War?



"Once slavery is abolished, the fight for full equality can move forward and transform our nation."



“Only with the proper regulations in place can this country permanently endure as half slave and half free.”



"There are southerners who recognize that slavery is immoral, otherwise why are there so many who have been freed?"



"The people of each state must decide for themselves to do the right thing and abolish slavery."

5 Which of the following was an advantage for the Union in the Civil War?



More farmers dedicated to food production



No loopholes for avoiding the draft



The proximity of Richmond to Washington, D.C.



Initial victory at Bull Run


6 Choose the combination of words that correctly completes this sentence:


"Following the passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act in 1854, the __________ faded, and Northerners, abolitionists and others formed a new political partnership called the __________."



Whig Party; Republican Party



Democratic Party; Republican Party



Whig Party; Democratic Party



Democratic Party; Free-Soil Party


7. Which of the following events resulted in total war against the Plains Indians by the U.S. Army?



The Treaty of Fort Laramie



The Battle of Little Bighorn



The Sand Creek Massacre



The Homestead Act


8. Which of the following was a result of the Fugitive Slave Act?



Southerners blamed the North for attempting to limit where slavery could flourish.



Some states that were required to provide the funds to pay slave catchers refused to do so.



Abolitionists encouraged resistance to the law; some even advocated for violence.



White Southerners were satisfied with northern support for the law.


9. Consider the following statement:


"Women can no longer sit by and submit to their husbands, who are like slave masters over them."


Which of the following principles or movements would the speaker most likely support?



Separate Spheres Ideology



The Abolitionist Movement



Republican Motherhood



The Seneca Falls Convention


10. Which of the following statements about the Confederacy is true?



The Confederate Constitution doubled as a declaration of war against the northern states and the federal government.



The Confederate Constitution strengthened state sovereignty at the expense of national government.



The Confederate Constitution was similar to the U.S. Constitution, but it only had a one-house congress and no judicial branch.



The Confederate Constitution left the issue of slavery up to individual states to decide for themselves.


11. Why did the Committee of Merchants for the Relief of Colored People Suffering from the Late Riots emphasize that Peter Heuston's "wife died about three weeks before the riots, leaving with her husband an only child... aged eight years"?



They wanted people to realize that racial minorities were already victims of oppression before the riots began.



They wanted to show that Native Americans were subject to the same kinds of treatment as African Americans.



They wanted rioters to take responsibility for the damage they caused by raising the children who were orphans because of the riots.



They wanted to show the pain the rioters caused for the now-orphaned child, who had only recently lost her mother.


12. How did intellectual leaders like Thomas Jefferson and Dr. Samuel George Morton justify the legal differences between whites and blacks?



They claimed that, if slavery were not justifiable, it would not be nearly as common across time and place.



They suggested that, although blacks and whites shared a common lineage, a history of servitude had degraded the African race.



They argued that blacks were inferior because they were unable to prevent themselves from becoming slaves.



They created pseudo-scientific arguments regarding the intellectual capacity of those of African descent.


13. Which of the following groups formed rifle clubs known as "Red Shirts" to intimidate voters?



Freedmen's Bureau






Southern black churches



Democratic Party


14. Which element of Manifest Destiny is reflected in the following statement?


"The vast frontier is destined to become part of the United States and a place where freedom and democracy reign."



Safety valve






White supremacy



Divine mission


15. Which statement about Lincoln's actions and intentions during the Civil War is true?



Lincoln's original goal was to preserve the Union, even if slavery remained.



Lincoln hoped the Emancipation Proclamation would get one or two border states to switch sides.



Lincoln was eager to end slavery and make freed slaves politically equal.



Lincoln wanted the war to end, even if it meant acknowledging the Confederacy.


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