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Homework answers / question archive / Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on overview of labor relations

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on overview of labor relations


Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on overview of labor relations. Dissatisfied employees can involve in counterproductive activities such as theft, poor service, and sabotage among others. Research has shown that when employees are not satisfied, they experience tension, depression, and complain of stiffness in muscles and joints. This indicates that companies that apply procedural justice and distributive justice promote job satisfaction among the employees. The workers become more dedicated and committed to their service rendering, because they feel appreciated, and acknowledged. One feels pleased when his or her job is praised. This makes the employee more determined than ever to deliver up to the maximum for the sake of the company. Through procedural and distribution justice workers acquire job satisfaction which gives them peace to work, and make the company grow. Research indicates that when workers are not satisfied, the company will experience a high turnover intention where workers will look for new jobs elsewhere, or others may think of quitting. Companies that apply both procedural and distributive justice are likely to maintain their staff. This promotes the company’s policies because good skills and professionalism is maintained. Cost of hiring workers after a short period is decreased, and the growth of the firm becomes a priority. Bush (2009) indicates that management should therefore, embrace organizational justice policies so as to increase job satisfaction, commitment and reduce turnover intention. A good rapport is experienced between the management and the subordinates, and unity among the employees themselves. The company becomes more of a community than just a working place. Workers feel identified with the organization they are working for, because animosity and hatred is not experienced. The use of justice creates a strong foundation of cooperation and serves as a base for a better environment for interaction. If workers are treated unfairly, their incentives will be hindered, and they may work against each other’s interest. This may result in to conflicts and unstable interdependence between the employees and management. Fear and intimidation replaces the confidence, eventually, affecting production. Justice therefore, influences performance, improves information sharing, personal relationships, and planning becomes more efficient and efficient. This confirms that procedural and distributive justice has a positive implication on the company policies. Question 2 Mother Jones was born on first August eighteen thirty seven in Cork Island. She learned the skills of dressmaking. Jones met and married George, and they had four children who later died of yellow fever. During this period, women led quiet lives, and were committed to their families, but Jones went everywhere she pleased expressing herself publicly, something that was not allowed thereafter becoming the mother of the down trodden. She was a prominent labor, and community organizer serving in the united mine workers union. Research indicates that being a good speaker, she made her speeches with stories, humor and audience participation. She organized mine workers, and their families against the mine owners.

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