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St. Philips College

ECON 101

Chapter 18

1)The intersection of the demand for loanable funds and the supply of loanable funds determines the


  1. As long as interest-earning opportunities exist, present dollars are worth


  1. The primary economic role of financial markets is to


  1. The owners of a corporation are_______________



  1. Lenders are typically compensated for the risk of default with


  1. The annual interest payment divided by the bond's price is the


  1. The quantity of loanable funds available to a corporation depends on the


  1. Retained earnings are_________________


  1. A bond is_______________


  1. The amount of corporate profits not paid out in dividends is known as


  1. In which form of business is a single individual responsible for the repayment of any debts?


  1. As the price of an existing bond increases,


  1. The price of a stock will decrease, ceteris paribus, when


  1. Which of the following is not a reason to hold stock?


  1. The owners of which type of firm have the most liability?


  1. The price of a stock will increase, ceteris paribus, when



  1. In the loanable funds market,


  1. If a corporation issues bonds that it cannot sell, this is an indication that


  1. All of the following are allowed to issue bonds except


  1. Par value is the_____________________.












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