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Homework answers / question archive / University of Maryland, Baltimore County AGNG 200 Moody-Sasser Quiz 6 [Controversy 4

University of Maryland, Baltimore County AGNG 200 Moody-Sasser Quiz 6 [Controversy 4

Health Science

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

AGNG 200

Moody-Sasser Quiz 6 [Controversy 4. Should We Ration Health Care for Older People?]

1)In 2014, more than                                          was spent on Medicare for Americans over the age of 65 each year.

      1. $100 billion
      2. $200 billion
      3. $600 billion
      4. D $1 trillion


    1.           . Older adults account for                    of all national health care expenditures.
      1. One quarter
      2. One third
      3. One half
      4. Three fourths


    1.                . In Britain, which treatment has routinely been withheld from people over the age of 55?
      1. Non-life-threatening surgery
      2. Cosmetic surgery
      3. Angioplasty
      4. Kidney dialysis


    1.                . Canada's national health care system implements which policy of allocating some types of medical care?
      1. Highest bidder
      2. Waiting lines
      3. First-come first-served
      4. All of the above


    1.                . Although rejecting proposals for age-based rationing, people tend to favor choosing          

patients for treatment.

      1. Younger over older
      2. Only middle-aged
      3. Older over younger
      4. Healthy over unhealthy


    1.                . Which of the following is a way to ration health care besides age?
      1. Ability to pay
      2. Anticipated clinical effectiveness
      3. Productive contributions to society or social worth
      4. All of the above


    1.                . Some reasons given in favor of health care rationing include all of the following except


      1. It would be efficient to administer.
      2. Older adults as a group are highly heterogeneous and chronological age is not a good predictor of outcomes for medical treatment.
      3. Older people are less productive in the economy.
      4. All people are members of every age group at some point over a full life course.


    1.                . One problem with age-based rationing is              .
      1. Knowing how much money would be saved
      2. Defining age-based rationing in a gender-sensitive way
      3. Figuring out a way to efficiently administer it to a growing older population
      4. Measuring clinical effectiveness


    1.                . Several forces are responsible for the rapid rise in health care costs, including             .
      1. Increases in intensity of services and rates of utilization
      2. Introduction of new medical technologies
      3. Rise in real wages of health care personnel
      4. All of the above


6.10             . A means of combining insurance with health care providers and facilities in a unified network to control costs is called                                .

  1. Managed care
  2. Epidemiology
  3. Geriatrics
  4. Medicare





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