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Homework answers / question archive / Saudi Electronic University MGT 530 Process variation 1)Production systems with customized outputs typically have relatively: A

Saudi Electronic University MGT 530 Process variation 1)Production systems with customized outputs typically have relatively: A


Saudi Electronic University

MGT 530

Process variation

1)Production systems with customized outputs typically have relatively:

A.            high volumes of output.

B.            low unit costs.

C.            high amount of specialized equipment.

D.            fast work movement.

E.            skilled workers.


2. Two widely used metrics of variation are the  and the .

A.            mean; standard deviation

B.            productivity ratio; correlation

C.            standardized mean; assignable deviation

D.            randomized mean; standardized deviation

E.            normal distribution; random variation


3. Which of the following statements about variation is false?

A.            Variation prevents a production process from being as efficient as it can be.

B.            Some variation can be prevented.


C.            Variation can either be assignable or random.

D.            Any variation makes a production process less productive.

E.            Random variation generally cannot be influenced by managers.


4. A firm pursuing a strategy based on customization and variety will tend to structure and manage its supply chain to accommodate more       than a firm pursuing a strategy based on low cost and high volume.

A.            variation

B.            streamlined flow

C.            quality

D.            capacity

E.            productivity


5. Product design and process selection are examples of               decisions.

A.            financial

B.            tactical

C.            system design

D.            system operation

E.            forecasting


6. Which of the following does not relate to system design?

A.            altering the system capacity

B.            location of facilities

C.            inventory management

D.            selection and acquisition of equipment

E.            physical arrangement of departments


7. Which of the following is essential to consider with respect to managing a process to meet demand?

A.            advertising

B.            trends in fashion

C.            global economic trends

D.            financial reporting standards

E.            capacity



8. An organization's mission statement serves as the basis for:

A.            environmental scanning.

B.            core competencies.

C.            operating procedures.

D.            distinctiveness.

E.            organizational goals.


9. The fundamental purpose for the existence of any organization is described by its:

A.            policies.

B.            procedures.

C.            corporate charter.

D.            mission statement.

E.            bylaws.


10. Years ago in the overnight delivery business, providing package tracking capability gave some firms a competitive advantage. Now, all firms must offer this capability simply to be in this line of business. This is an example of                becoming            over time.

A.            tactical implications; strategic

B.            strategic implications; tactical

C.            order winners; order qualifiers

D.            profitability factors; productivity factors

E.            order qualifiers; order winners


11. Product design and choice of location are examples of            decisions.

A.            strategic

B.            tactical

C.            operational

D.            customer-focused

E.            design


12. For an organization to grow its market share, it must:

A.            advertise using multimedia.

B.            reduce prices.

C.            exceed minimum standards of acceptability for its products or services.

D.            establish an Internet Web site.

E.            broaden its mission statement.


13. The external elements of SWOT analysis are:

A.            strengths and weaknesses.

B.            strengths and threats.

C.            opportunities and threats.

D.            weaknesses and opportunities.

E.            strengths and opportunities.


14. For firms competing in worldwide markets, conducting           is more complex, since what works in one country or region might not work in another.

A.            productivity analysis

B.            environmental analysis

C.            strategy implementation

D.            sustainability analysis

E.            growth forecasting



15. In methods analysis, a therblig is a:

A.            charting method of analysis.

B.            job enrichment technique.

C.            dummy task.

D.            basic elemental motion.

E.            fraction (.0006) of a minute.


Knowledge bas pay system

16. Which of the following is not an advantage of time-based pay systems?

A.            labor cost stability

B.            incentives to increase output

C.            ease of administration

D.            stability of output

E.            ease of pay computations


17. From the worker's perspective, an output-based pay system has the advantage of:

A.            linking pay more directly to effort.

B.            keeping earnings stable.

C.            keeping pay totally in the worker's control.

D.            minimizing the temptation to work harder for more money.

E.            keeping effort from influencing pay.


18. Which of the following is not characteristic of time-based compensation plans?

A.            stable labor costs

B.            easier to administer than output-based plans

C.            stable pay for workers

D.            simpler wage computations than output-based plans

E.            lower cost per unit than output-based plans













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