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John B


John B. Alexander High School- Loredo


Mary Rowlandson

1)What structural units does Rowlandson use to divide her captivity narrative into chronological sequence?


2.            Why does Rowlandson leave the house in which she was hiding during the Indian raid?


3.            What happens to Rowlandson’s eldest sister?


4.            What happens to the body of her six-year old daughter Sarah after she dies of wounds and malnourishment?


5.            With which New Englander was Rowlandson in most regular contact during her captivity?


6.            What comfort does Rowlandson have during her time in captivity?


7.            How does Rowlandson often obtain food during her captivity?


8.            What happens shortly after the Englsihman Mr. John Hoar invites the Sagamores to dinner?


9.            How long was Rowlandson a captive?


10.          At the end of the narrative, who gives Rowlandson and her family a place to live?







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