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Homework answers / question archive / Carlin High School A EN MISC Chapters 22 and 23: 1)What do the men discover when they return to Renfield’s room? Renfield is talking to the Count through the window

Carlin High School A EN MISC Chapters 22 and 23: 1)What do the men discover when they return to Renfield’s room? Renfield is talking to the Count through the window


Carlin High School


Chapters 22 and 23:

1)What do the men discover when they return to Renfield’s room?

    1. Renfield is talking to the Count through the window.
    2. Dracula is drinking from Renfields neck.
    3. Renfield is dead.
    4. Renfield is begging the attendant to kill him.


  1. What decision do Dr. Seward and Van Helsing make regarding Mina’s knowledge of their activities?
    1. They decide to keep Mina in the dark about their plans.
    2. They decide it is best to take Mina into full confidence.
    3. They decide to lie to Mina.
    4. They decide to use Mina to give the Count false information.


  1. Mina vows to kill herself if she will endanger the others in any way. Why does Dr. Van Helsing tell her this can not be?
    1. If she kills herself, her soul will be damned forever.
    2. If she kills herself, he would never forgive himself for letting her down.
    3. If she dies before the Count, she will become like him.
    4. If she dies before the Count, she won’t be able to help them find him.


  1. How does Van Helsing propose to enter the Count’s locked house in Piccadilly by daylight without drawing unnecessary attention?
    1. He will pretend to be a contractor who is renovating the house.
    2. Arthur will create a diversion and Van Helsing will break in the back door.
    3. Arthur and Quincey will pretend to be the owners and hire a locksmith.
    4. He will call the real estate company and tell them he is a relative of the owner.


  1. Why does Van Helsing say that the group will be unlikely to run into the Count during day?
    1. He knows that the Count is bound to his box in Carfax with a piece of the Host.
    2. Vampires cannot come out of their coffins during the day.
    3. He learned that the Count had gone away on a ship.
    4. The Count fed heavily (on Mina) the night before.


  1. What happens as a result of Van Helsing’s attempt to protect Mina from the Count while they are gone?
    1. She screams at the sight of a crucifix.
    2. Her forehead is badly burned and scarred.
    3. She cannot bear the smell of garlic and refuses to wear the flowers.
    4. She is insulted that he would think she was becoming a vampire.



  1. How does Van Helsing purify the boxes of earth at Carfax?
    1. He poured Holy Water on them.
    2. He placed a crucifix on each box.
    3. He places a piece of the Host in each box.
    4. He prayed the Lord’s Prayer over each box.


  1. What are the men distressed to learn about the boxes of earth at the Piccadilly house?
    1. The boxes have been locked.
    2. Six of the boxes are missing from the Piccadilly house.
    3. Seven of the boxes are still in the house, but two are missing
    4. Nine boxes were delivered to the house, but they only find eight.


  1. What personal effects belonging to the Count do the men find a Piccadilly?
    1. deeds to property, keys to the houses, writing materials, personal hygiene items
    2. letters from Transylvania, books from his library
    3. jewelry and gem stones
    4. nothing


  1. What physical changes have taken place in Jonathan Harker in the past twenty four hours?
    1. He has become more angry and determined to destroy the Count.
    2. He has become haggared, and his hair has turned white.
    3. He has become very pale and looks blood-less.
    4. He has a renewed sense of vigor because he wants to protect Mina.


  1. What does Van Helsing learn of Count Dracula’s mortal life?
    1. He was a prince in Turkey.
    2. He was a very religious man who lost his wife and became very bitter.
    3. He had been a king and had many servants.
    4. He had been a soldier, a statesman, and a brilliant alchemist.


  1. What message is delivered to Van Helsing at the Piccadilly house?
    1. The lawyers have located other houses in London.
    2. The police have learned about the break in and are on their way.
    3. The Count has left Carfax and may be looking for them.
    4. The Count knows their plans and has left for Transylvania.


  1. Who is the first to attempt to attack the Count upon Dracula’s arrival at Piccadilly?
    1. Jonathan Harker
    2. Arthur
    3. Quincey Morris
    4. Van Helsing



  1. How does the Count escape capture from the group at Piccalilly?
    1. He knocks Van Helsing down and runs out past him.
    2. He jumps out the window.
    3. He turns to a mist and goes under the door.
    4. He turns into a bat and flies out the window.


  1. What does the Count desperately attempt to take with him as he escaped from the house?
    1. his box of earth
    2. Mina Harker
    3. gold coins
    4. Jonathan’s knife


  1. What is the noise that Mina hears outside their bedroom in the night?
    1. Mina hears Lucy calling her name.
    2. Mina hears scratching on the bedroom door.
    3. Mina hears a child screaming for help.
    4. Mina hears Quincey Morris who is guarding their door.


  1. What request does Mina make of Van Helsing?
    1. She asks him to protect Jonathan.
    2. She wants Van Helsing to hypnotize her.
    3. She wants Van Helsing to kill her and release her soul.
    4. She wants Van Helsing to read the Lord’s prayer over her.


  1. With what information is Mina able to supply Van Helsing?
    1. Under hypnosis, she is able to tell Van Helsing that the Count is on a boat.
    2. She is able to figure out precisely where the Count is headed.
    3. She knows where the last box of earth is hidden.
    4. She knows how to break the vampire’s curse.



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