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Homework answers / question archive / 1) Beethoven bridged the and the periods

1) Beethoven bridged the and the periods


1) Beethoven bridged the and the periods.

2) The finale of the Ninth Symphony was based on the hymn  

3. Beethoven changed the typical third movement of a symphony from a minuet to a ____________ meaning musical joke.  

4. Which Beethoven symphony has five movements?

5. The first truly Romantic symphony was Beethoven's ________________ Symphony.  

6. The latest subtitle to the first truly Romantic symphony is  

7. Instrumental music that depicts or describes something; music that tells a story or describes a single event or feeling.

8. Fast triple meter composition, typically found as the third movement of a symphony; replaced the minuet and trio from in the 19th century.  

9. Going directly from one movement or section to another without a break  


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