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1. First view the PPT on disproportionate identification.  Go to the NICHY module site  PPT Disproportionality and Overrepresentation
View the PowerPoint

The Pre-Referral Process: Procedures for Supporting Students with Academic and Behavioral Concerns
This module highlights the benefits of the pre-referral process—a preventative approach that can eliminate inappropriate referrals to special education—and outlines the six stages most commonly involved in its implementation.  

3.  Then respond to the following
SUMMARY - Provide a summary of what is contained in the PPT and the module.  What were your initial key thoughts on the challenge in the module?  Summarize the key points addressed  in the perspectives and resources  section of the module.
CONNECTION -  Make a connection to  what  you learned in the module to the readings and videos listed for this week.  Cite those connections.
ANALYSIS OF MODULE AND PPT - Then provide an insightful analysis of the module  and PPT. , Share your analysis in a 3-2-1 format.  First discuss 3 things you learned,  2 things you will definitely use in teaching and 1 thing  were surprised or puzzled by.

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