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Homework answers / question archive / Technological Institute of the Philippines BSA AIS 002L1 1)Authentication is the process by which the a

Technological Institute of the Philippines BSA AIS 002L1 1)Authentication is the process by which the a


Technological Institute of the Philippines


1)Authentication is the process by which the

a.            System verifies that the user is entitled to enter the transaction requested. b. System verifies the identity of the user.

c. User identifies him/herself to the system

d. User indicates to the system that the transaction was processed correctly.


2.            Following is a false statement about a database management system application environment.

a.            Data are used concurrently by multiple users.

b.            Data are shared by passing files between programs and systems.

c.             The physical structure of the data is independent of user needs.

d.            Data definition is independent of any one program.



3.            The use of message encryption software.

a.            Guarantees the secrecy of data

b.            Require manual distribution of keys c. Increases system overhead

d. Reduces the need for periodic password changes



4.            This has been the source of intense interest because it enables thousands of business enterprises of all

sizes and millions of consumers to congregate and participate in worldwide commerce. a. Internet commerce

b.            Electronic audit trails

c.             EDI

d.            None of the above



5.            Query facilities for a database system would most likely include all of the following EXCEPT:

a.            Graphical output capability

b.            Data dictionary access


c.             A data validity checker

d.            A query-by-example interface



6.            Access controls need to be in place that prevent or detect

a.            authorized access to an organization’s information system. b. unauthorized access to an organization’s information system.

c. authorized and with administrative privileges to access the internet.

d. none of the above



7.            This is more than simply an elaborate transaction processing system. It is a decision support tool that

supplies management with real-time information and permits timely decisions that are needed to improve

performance and achieve competitive advantage.

a.            Legacy System

b.            Enterprise Resource Planning

c.             Manual System

d.            None of the above


8.            These firewalls are configured to run security applications called proxies that perform sophisticated

functions such as verifying user authentication.

a.            Network-level firewall

b.            Application- level firewall

c.             Firewall

d.            None of the above



9.            All administrative and professional staff in a corporate legal department prepare documents on terminals

connected to a host LAN file server. The best control over unauthorized access to sensitive documents in

the system is-

a.            Required entry of passwords for access to the system

b.            Physical security for all disks containing document files

c.             Periodic server backup and storage in a secure area

d.            Required entry of passwords for access to individual documents




10.          Viruses and other forms of malicious programs pose a threat to both internet and

intranet users such as:

a.            Worms

b.            Logic bombs

c.             Trojan horses d. All of the above


11.          Too often, after the ERP is up and running, only the implementation team understands how it works

because their traditional responsibilities will be changed,              need to acquire an extensive

technical and operational understanding of the new system.

a. Steering Committee b. Supervisors

c. System Analysts

d. None of the above


12.          Which of the following is an encryption feature that can be used to authenticate the originator of a

document and ensure that the message is intact and has not been tampered with?

a.            Heuristic terminal

b.            Perimeter switch

c.             Default settings d. Digital signatures


13.          An inventory planning method that minimizes inventories by arranging to have raw materials and

subcomponents arrive immediately preceding their use is called-

a.            A safety stock planning system.

b.            An economic order quantity model c. A just-in-time inventory system.

d. A master budgeting system.


14.          Using the Internet to accept orders from customers and/or to place them with their suppliers. This is

a. Information level b. Transaction level


c. Distribution level

d. None of the above


15.          An internet firewall is designed to provide adequate protection against which of the following:

a.            A computer virus

b.            Unauthenticated logins

c.             Insider leaking of confidential information

d.            A Trojan horse application


16.          The emergence of electronic data interchange (EDI) as standard operating practice increases the risk of-

a.            Unauthorized third-party access to systems

b.            Systematic programming errors

c.             Inadequate knowledge bases

d.            Unsuccessful system use.


17.          Each day, after all processing is finished, a bank performs a backup of its online deposit files and retains it

for 7 days. Copies of each day’s transactions files are not retained. This approach is-

a.            Valid, in that having a week’s worth of backups permits recovery even if one backup is unreadable.

b.            Risky, in that restoring from the most recent backup file would omit subsequent transactions.

c.             Valid, in that it minimizes the complexity of the backup recovery procedures if the online file has to

be restored.

d.            Risky, in that no checkpoint/restart information is kept with the backup files.



18.          Benefits of E-Commerce are as follows EXCEPT:

a.            Access to a worldwide customer and/or supplier base

b.            Reductions in inventory investment and carrying costs

c.             Rapid creation of business partnerships to fill emerging market niches d. Increase in retail prices through lower marketing costs



19.          A local area network (LAN) is best described as-

a.            Computer systems that connects computers of all sizes, workstations, terminals, and other

devices within a limited proximity.

b.            System to allow computer users to meet and share ideas and information.

c.             Electronic library containing millions of items of data that can be reviewed, retrieved and analyzed.

d.            Method to offer specialized software, hardware and data -handling techniques that improve

effectiveness and reduce costs



20.          Key Phases user’s feedback are as follows EXCEPT: a. Unrecognizing the problem.

b.            Defining the problem.

c.             Specifying system objectives.

d.            Determining project feasibility



21.          The following internal controls are embedded in an integrated automated system EXCEPT:

a.            Independent verification

b.            Transaction Authorization c. Supervisor

d. Access Control


22.          What constitute a firm’s legacy systems that are currently in full operation?

a.            applications

b.            databases

c.             business processes d. All of the above


23.          Good planning will help an organization restore computer operations after a processing outage. Good

recovery planning should ensure that-

a.            Backup/restart procedures have been built into job streams and programs

b.            Change control procedures cannot be bypassed by operating personnel

c.             Planned changes in equipment capacities are compatible with projected workloads.

d.            Service level agreements with owners of applications are documented.



24.          Those for whom the system is built are end users such as:

a.            Managers

b.            Operations personnel

c.             Accountants

d.            All of the above



25.          Risk associated with ERP implementation includes the following:

a.            High cost and cost overruns

b.            Choosing the wrong ERP

c.             Choosing the wrong consultant d. All of the above


26.          Of the following, the greatest advantage of a database (server) architecture is- a. Data redundancy can be reduced.

b.            Conversion to a database system is inexpensive and can be accomplished quickly.

c.             Multiple occurrences of data items are useful for consistency checking.

d.            Backup and recovery procedures are minimized.


27.          One of the concerns that may arise from ERP implementations involving business process reengineering


a.            Complexity of hardware and engineering that decreases the difficulty of understanding operational


b.            Complexity of hardware and engineering that increases the difficulty of understanding operational efficiency.

c.             Complexity of hardware and engineering that either decreases or increases the difficulty of understanding operational efficiency.

d.            Complexity of hardware that increases the difficulty of understanding operational efficiency


28.          The first step in the SDLC is to develop a

a. project initiation b. systems strategy

c. project design

d. any of the above



29.          Two ways of how organizations acquire information system:

a.            They develop customized systems in-house through formal systems development activities

and the purchase commercial systems from software vendors.

b.            They develop customized systems in-house through formal systems development activities.

c.             The purchase commercial systems from software vendors.

d.            Any of the above


30.          Using a telecommunications provider affects in-house networks. To prepare for changes resulting from

enhanced external network services, management should-

a.            Optimize in-house networks to avoid bottlenecks that would limit the benefits offered by the

telecommunications provider

b.            Plan for rapid implementation of new capabilities in anticipation of ready acceptance of the new


c.             Downsize the company’s disaster recovery plan to recognize the increasing role of the

telecommunication provider.

d.            Enhance the in-house network management to minimize dependence on the telecommunications

provider for network management


31.          Three problems that account for most systems failures have plagued the SDLC

a.            Poorly specified systems requirements

b.            Ineffective development techniques and ineffective techniques for presenting, documenting, and

modifying systems specifications.

c.             Lack of user involvement in systems development. d. All of the above


32.          When all modules have been coded and tested, they must be brought together and a. Tested as a whole.

b.            Not direct the use of the system

c.             No formal acceptance of the system

d.            None of the above



33.          Programmers should test completed modules independently before implementing

them. This usually involves the

a.            complete test data

b.            creation of full test data c. creation of test data

d. none of the above


34.          In an inventory system on a data management system (DBMS), one stored record contains part number,

part name, part color, and part weight. The individual items are called- a. Fields

b.            Stored files

c.             Bytes

d.            Occurrences


35.          This phase involves modeling the system, programming the applications, and application testing

a. Design the system b. Construct the system

c. Deliver the system

d. None of the above


36.          Following are examples of top level domain (TLD) names except

a.            .com

b.            .edu

c.             .org d.                   .wit



37.          The most common business model among both physical and online retailers with examples Nike, Macy's, IKEA, and Netflix is

a.            F-Commerce


b.            M-Commerce

c.             B2B d. B2C


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