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Your final research proposal will likely be 8-10 pages in length, including the following sections: 


This is should be a summary of your study, only include the most important information. Your abstract should be no more than 150 words.

Introduction & Literature Review: 
General introduction to your topic, and citing relevant research. 

  • You will introduce your topic and research questions. 
  • Define any terms that are specific to your research. 
  • Discuss previous research and how your research will relate to what has been documented in the literature.  
  • Conclude with your hypothesis. 
  • Approximately 3-4 pages.  

This is where you will describe your study in detail, through various subsections (approximately 1-2 pages). 

  • Participants: Describe your sample, starting with a description of the population and drill down from there to your specific sample. Be sure to include the total number of participants you plan to have in your study, their age, gender, and any other important demographic information that may be relevant to your study.  
  • Measures/Instrumentation: If you are using previously developed measures (i.e., a survey/questionnaire that has been developed and validated by researchers in the field), briefly describe the measure and cite the original authors. If you are using the survey you developed in Module 3 or developing a different measure, be sure to include a copy of your measure in the appendix of your final submission. Be sure to provide a description of the format, content, purpose, and validity of your developed measure within your proposal.
  • Procedure: Here you will describe each step of your study, providing specific details with regard to what the participants in your study will experience. Be sure to include any specific instructions or special procedures that are relevant to your study.  

Since you are not conducting your study, you will not have any data to analyze.  

  • You should describe any analyses you would conduct. 
  • Describe how you plan to present the data if you were to conduct the study.
  • Be sure to include how you plan to communicate your results, identifying a specific peer-reviewed journal and a conference.
  • Approximately 1 page.  


  • You should include at least five references.

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