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Homework answers / question archive / 1) In this exercise, you will do a simple spreadsheet for a highly simplified version of a class gradebook

1) In this exercise, you will do a simple spreadsheet for a highly simplified version of a class gradebook

Computer Science

1) In this exercise, you will do a simple spreadsheet for a highly simplified version of a class gradebook. Read this all through to the end once before you try it.

2) Start Microsoft Excel.

3) Save the spreadsheet as a file called Class Gradebook.

4) Select cells A1 through G8.

5) Select the font to Ariel and the size to 11.

6. Type Class Gradebook into cell A1. (Never mind if it "extends" into cell A2).

7. Select cells A1 through G1 - make sure they are highlighted. Merge and Center the title over that range.

8. Bold Class Gradebook and set its' font to size 18.

9. Now add some column headers - in cells A3 through G3, enter   Student   Test1   Test2   Homework1  Homework2  Total   Average   (Note that some don't quite fit, that's fine for now.)

10. Select cells A3 through G3. Find the Cells area in the ribbon at top, then find the Format area inside it. Click on Format, a menu pops down, click on Column Width and set it to 16.

11. Note how those columns just got wider.

12. Center each row 3 column header in its column and change the font of all the column headers to Courier New.

13. Change the font of the row 3 column headers you just added to Courier New.

14. Now you will add some grade data. In cells A4 through E4, enter  Bill   95  87  40   45 

15. Do NOT change the font or alignment, it will be different from the column headers and that's what we want.

16. In cell F4, add up cells B4 through E4 with the AutoSum function. Look in the Editing area of the ribbon.

17. Click In cell G4 and type  =Average(B4:E4)   then press enter. This uses the Average function to get the average.

18. Now, make up data for 3 more students, and place it in rows 5, 6 and 7.
    * Max test grade is 100
    * Max homework grade is 50
    * First name only for the student
    * Pick a variety of grades!

19. Add functions (or copy them) to get the Total and Average values for each row you added.

20. Add the text  Class Average  in cell F8.

21. Set cell F8 font to Courier New.

22. Use the average function in cell G8 to get the average of the 4 numbers above it.

23. Select cells G4 through G8, and set the numbers in there to all have 2 decimal points.

24. Select cells A3 through G7.

25. Select Insert on the main menu, find the charts area, and find and click on the Insert Column or Bar Chart icon. Then select the first one on the left, at the top in the 2-D Column area. It's called a Clustered Column.

26. You will see a chart pop up. Click and drag it so it's just below the table. Roughly center it.

27. Change the chart title to Class Gradebook .

28. Save your file.

29. Your project will be graded according to the following rubric:

Max Points Possible
Table formatting correct
Table data correct
Table functions correct
Chart present and formatted correctly

30. Review your work and make any corrections needed to get the highest score possible. Use the following image as a guide. Some items have been blocked out deliberately.

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